22nd January 2018

5 Easy Ways to Re-Decorate!

This pains me to admit, but I used to be a total stereotypical woman when it came to DIY and decorating and could just about manage […]
20th January 2018

Empowered Women and the Self-Love Ring

A new trend that has emerged is all about self-love and self-appreciation of women, by women. It is the rise of the self-love ring; some women […]
19th January 2018

Caring for your Newborn with Baby Dove

As a first-time mother, I was a worrier right from the start it must be said. I already knew of a few brands I didn’t want […]
12th January 2018

Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 57

Welcome to #foodiefriday Week 57 Welcome to Foodie Friday!  We run from Friday to Monday and all bloggers are welcome to add any type of post […]
11th January 2018

#ABloggingGooodTime Week 76

Welcome to #ablogginggoodtime Week 76 Welcome to A Blogging Good Time!  We run from Thursday to Saturday and all bloggers are welcome to add any type […]
10th January 2018

What I Want From 2018

Did you celebrate New Years? I used to. I used to really get caught up in the hype of it all and plan for ages with […]
9th January 2018

Let’s Get Organised

I’m a fairly organised person – I kind of have to be with everything I need to get done on a daily/weekly basis. Sometimes it’s really […]
8th January 2018

That Time Sony Saved Me

How much do you rely on technology?! Do you use much of it? Do you set yourself limits? Or do you not really notice how much […]
8th January 2018

#LuckyLinky Week 40

Welcome to the #LuckyLinky – THE Competition Linky to get your competition more entries with NO comments required! Welcome to #LuckyLinky!  We run from Monday to […]
7th January 2018

Angry Mama

I had this vision in my head of being a mother. I wanted to be a mum from the age of 14 when my broodiness seemed […]
5th January 2018

Syn Free Smoky Black Bean & Corn Burgers

So who felt no need whatsoever to hold back during the Christmas festivities when it came to food and drink?! I’d put my own hand up […]
5th January 2018

Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 56

Welcome to #foodiefriday Week 56 Welcome to Foodie Friday!  We run from Friday to Monday and all bloggers are welcome to add any type of post […]
4th January 2018

#ABloggingGooodTime Week 75

Welcome to #ablogginggoodtime Week 75 Welcome to A Blogging Good Time!  We run from Thursday to Saturday and all bloggers are welcome to add any type […]
2nd January 2018

Getting a New Look with Logojoy

We get to January and most people are all about self-improvement be that losing weight, simply eating better or just generally making themselves over. However, it […]
22nd December 2017

My Christmas Kitchen Wish List

It’s no secret that I love to cook (obviously if you are a regular here you will have seen my kitchen section) and it is no […]
22nd December 2017

An Old Hobby Re-Born

I had so many hobbies when I was a child and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do so many. A lot of […]
22nd December 2017

Cry Babies Katie – No Not Me!

Last year for Christmas, Nonna gave Alyssa her very own wooden dolls pram and cot and we purchased the only baby doll we could find that […]
20th December 2017

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Dinner

Some would say that it is the most important meal of the year and others would argue it’s no big deal. We are a “this is […]
20th December 2017

A Christmas Night In

The Christmas season is absolutely mad isn’t it?! I mean technically it really is only one day and yet the amount of prep that goes into […]
20th December 2017

Time for Itty Bitty Hugs

When Alyssa was a year old she got some rubber figurines that came with her In the Night Garden play table. For a while she was […]
20th December 2017

Getting Christmas Ready with Rug Doctor

With the holiday season now here and people in and out, I am becoming very aware of needing the house to look nice to welcome all […]
19th December 2017

Come Play With Me!

Did you know I was a gamer?! Not so much now, but there was a time when I was a huge gamer and do still dabble […]
19th December 2017

Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas to Bring the Festive Cheer

Even though it’s known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is always one room in the home that becomes slightly neglected when it comes […]
19th December 2017

The Best Practices for Using Social Media Screening to Narrow Down Applicants

Social media is a vast place, with Facebook having billions of accounts, Youtube hosting trillions of videos, and most developed nations’ having a majority of residents […]
18th December 2017

Tis the Season to Sparkle

I am not a very social person in real life. Virtually I am here there and everywhere as you well know but off the screen I […]
6th December 2017

Toddler Bakes: Easy-Peasy Christmas Biscuits

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen when I was growing up with my Nanny doing all sorts of baking and when she wasn’t […]
16th October 2017

Italian Cooking Made Easy

I actually think I must spend at least half of every day in the kitchen. I do 99.9% of the cooking in our house at the […]
11th August 2017

How to Host The Ultimate Kids Party… On a Budget!

As you know, we recently had a birthday and have just had Rowan and Bear’s and have Lily and Uncle Peter’s still to come this month! […]
7th August 2017

A Fairy Magical Birthday

It’s been a fortnight now since my little girl turned two and it’s flown by in such a whirl as I swear her birthday has lasted […]
3rd July 2017

Let The Birthday Preparations Begin!

I looked at the calendar this week (because since leaving teaching I can never remember the day of the week let alone the frickin date!!) and […]
19th March 2017
top shot of the matcha lime pie with title writing over the top

Ocha Matcha Lime Pie Recipe & Giveaway!

What’s your go to mum drink?! Mine tends to be coffee, primarily because I feel that I need it in order to function due to lack […]
9th February 2017

Uncommonly Good!

Now, just because I do not have a Valentine does not mean I do not get involved in the spirit of the holiday. I do think […]
2nd February 2017

A Magical Tea Party!

Imagination. It is so important in our little ones. Each day I watch Alyssa’s imagination growing – for one so young she already does so much […]
30th November 2016

Gizmo Saves Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but I am really getting in the Christmassy mood – we have these crisp icy mornings where it smells like winter, […]
28th November 2016

Dorset Apple Cake from A Dorset Gal!

You should all know by now that I’m a Dorset girl and was born and bred here… though I don’t have the stereotypical Dorset accent. I […]