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Top Tips For Haircare When You’ve Been Neglecting It

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Hair is an important part of everyone’s identity. Whether you like a lot of it, or you’re someone who prefers a bob or a buzz cut, it’s something that most will care about. However, sometimes it’s normal to forget about your haircare. Perhaps work or your personal life gets in the way of taking good care of your hair and of yourself in general.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Taking care of yourself is something we all fail to do at various points in our lives. However, it’s important to pick up that part of your life again so that you can always be the best version of yourself to yourself and those loved ones around you. And yes, it starts with haircare.

Let’s take a look at some of the top tips you’ll need to look after your hair when you’ve been neglecting it.

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Reduce the number of times you wash it

Have you considered that the more you wash your hair, the more damage you’re likely doing to it? Your hair produces a lot of natural oils and these oils are what keep your hair in good condition. Over time, if you’re washing your hair too often, that’s anywhere between every day to a couple of days, you’re likely to dull the appearance and feel of the hair.

Ideally, washing your hair once a week is going to maintain its beautiful, glossy appearance. Of course, it’s something that you’ll need to be able to deal with when it comes to those few greasy hair days. If your hair is more susceptible to getting greasy more often, then it’s worth exploring different haircare products. It might be a problem with your shampoo or conditioner.

By reducing the number of times you wash your hair, you’re going to find a noticeable difference in how it looks and feels. For those days before you wash your hair, it’s always useful to keep your hair up in a bun or to apply a hair mask, the night before you wash your hair to maximise the results.

Get it cut regularly to encourage growth

Cutting your hair regularly will help to encourage growth. While some may have a fear of attending the hair salon because they may cut too much off, it’s important to cut off dead ends.

Dead ends are preventing your hair from growing and a regular cut is something you want to embrace more willingly. Ideally, you want to get it cut around every six to eight weeks in order to keep the hair looking healthy and promoting growth.

There’s nothing better than getting your hair cut and seeing the beautiful results that come from treating your hair to a much-needed chop.

Try hair vitamins and gummies

When you’re trying to look after your hair and promote its growth and appearance, it’s worth looking into hair vitamins. There’s a lot more on the health and wellness market than there’s ever been and that also means there are plenty of healthcare options for your hair.

There are lots of hair gummies and vitamins on the market that are worth exploring. It’s something that you’ll want to do your research on as some of these gummies might not be as effective as you’d like them to be. Make sure to look for the following ingredients in these gummies for hair-boosting properties:

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C

Invest in the right tools and accessories

To help with your haircare with respect to spending more care on your appearance, the right tools and accessories are required. From the quality of your hairbrushes to the products you use in your hair to keep it in good condition.

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If you’re a fan of big brands such as GHD, these GHD accessories are well worth spending your money on. When applying heat to your hair, it’s important to use the right tools that aren’t going to cause any unnecessary damage to it.

The tools and accessories you use in your hair are also influential to how healthy your hair stays. For example, if you’re using a good detangler as a hairbrush, you’re likely to notice more breakages in the hair and less pulling on your hair as a result.

For haircare, it’s worthwhile to make the right investments in your hair tools and accessories. This will make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the health and condition of your hair too.

Research hair tips if you have curly hair

For some, the texture of your hair might not simply be straight. It could be that you have curly hair and either know about it or perhaps you’ve thought you may have curls. Research is required when it comes to curly hair as the process of looking after it and getting curl definition will take some practice.

From using the right shampoo and conditioner to taking a unique approach when it comes to drying your hair and applying hair styling products, it’s worth boosting your knowledge.

For example, when you’re drying your hair with curls, you’ll want to use a microfibre cloth instead of a towel. Some even use a t-shirt to help dry their hair.

If you’ve not really got any experience with maintaining and looking after curls, turn to the internet for advice. There’s lots on there to take advantage of, after all.

Use a heat protectant when styling your hair or going out in the sun

When styling your hair or heading out into the sunshine, it’s important that you’re using a hair protectant at all times. Not only does it help with protecting your hair from heat, but it also helps with styling.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer sun, protecting your hair with a UV/heat protectant spray is crucial. It’s the one area of the body that often gets neglected when it comes to protecting it from the heat.

Every heat protectant is slightly different, so it’s worth exploring the options available and which one, in particular, is the most effective.

Avoid rough towel drying your hair

Towel drying your hair might have seemed the most natural choice of hair drying but it’s actually doing some pretty bad damage to your hair. Rough towel drying is going to lead to more breakage in your hair if you’re not careful.

Ideally, you should lightly dry your hair with a towel without having to be so rough on it. A simple squeeze to get as much excess water out of it will be just as effective and will ensure your hair remains in good condition too.

Alternatively, as curly-haired heads do, using a micro fibre cloth is something worth trying. It’s more gentler on the hair and it’ll soak up more of the water faster.

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Be more conscious of what you eat

Finally, try to be more conscious of what you eat. The food you put in your body does have an effect on your hair’s condition. Here are some great foods that are good for hair growth and maintaining those luscious locks.

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds

Just incorporating a few more of these vital foods into your diet is going to make a big difference to how your hair feels and looks on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to improve the health of your hair this year, then these tips will certainly help keep your hair looking good and feeling good for longer.

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