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It’s Okay to Have a Bad Pregnancy

The pressures on women to have a perfect pregnancy are high from the rest of society. The goal is to ensure that you produce a healthy baby. 

However, as anyone who’s been through it knows, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Most mothers go through real hardships.

You can face challenges on all levels, and these can all have material impacts on the birth, how you feel toward your child, and your body long-term. 

That’s why the message needs to get out that it’s okay to have a bad pregnancy. Things can and often do go right, but they can also go wrong. 

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The Emotional Difficulties

During pregnancy, you may notice that your mood starts shifting and you feel different. Whereas before you were upbeat about life, you may discover that you become more prone to anxiety and depression as hormones change. 

During term, you may also discover that your ability to regulate your mood also changes. You may feel more prone to highs and lows than before and may catch yourself behaving in new ways. 

The problem is that you’re supposed to feel happy the entire time you are pregnant. It is meant to be the best time of your life as you wait for your new child to enter the world. 

However, if you don’t feel excited or joyful, you can get the impression that there’s something wrong with you or you’re not cut out to be a parent.
Just remember that these feelings are normal. Many women have them and go on to become successful loving mothers. 

The Physical Challenges

There are also numerous physical challenges associated with pregnancy and giving birth that are generally overlooked by the mainstream conversation. We don’t like to talk about some of the medical hardships that mothers and their babies go through during the process. 

For example, during the first few months, you may feel so sick every day that you can’t show up to work. Morning sickness (which can occur at any time of day) can be intense and prevent you from getting on with your life as normal. 

You can also have trouble during the latter months of pregnancy with back trouble and needing to pee all the time. If you already feel bad about the situation, these physical symptoms can make you feel even worse. 

Then there are the risks associated with birth itself. While they are lower than in the past, huge numbers of people still file birth injury claims because of damage done to their children. 

If you are pregnant and struggling with the challenges it poses, look for help. There are numerous psychologists, doctors, therapists and other professionals who can make the experience more pleasant. 

You can also ask people in your life to gather around you and provide support. The more individuals you have in the community who can assist, the better off you’ll be. 

Just remember that every woman goes through a trial when they become pregnant. It’s never a simple walk in the park. 

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