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Supporting Expectant Parents During Pregnancy

a woman in a sports bra holding her pregnant tummy
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Being pregnant during a pandemic isn’t something expectant mums want to experience. Pregnancy should be a time to celebrate the arrival of a new addition to the family whether it is the first or the fifth child. Sadly, a global pandemic has made it hard for parents to be to experience this time as they usually would.
the torso of a pregnant woman. she is wearing a white and blue striped top, blue jeans and a red jacket. she is holding her hands in a heart shape over her bump

Experiencing pregnancy during lockdown measures can be especially challenging in different ways meaning new parents need extra help and support to help them navigate this tricky time. But that doesn’t mean it should have a detrimental effect on them or that they shouldn’t celebrate their new arrival. It just means they will need to think outside of the box.

Supporting Expectant Parents During a Pandemic

Support is important for pregnant women and their partners at any time but especially now as lockdown restrictions can make this a challenging and uncertain time. Checking in regularly can help you to identify any concerns such as pregnancy mental health issues that might otherwise be missed. Getting parents to be the right help and support as quickly as possible will enable them to get the right help sooner rather than later. 

While appointments may look a little differently right now, any concerns should be raised so healthcare professionals can support mum or dad to be as the pregnancy progresses. Enquire with your local health authority to see what type of support is available for parents experiencing pregnancy anxiety and mental health conditions during pregnancy so you can direct any issues to the right place as quickly as possible.

a pregnant woman holding her bump in a white dress in a dark room by an open window that has green foliage outside it

Offer assistance or even just a shoulder to cry on. it may be that they are experiencing a myriad of emotions they can express or feel like they shouldn’t express. It is only natural to have worries and concerns especially considering the situation they find themselves pregnant in. Sometimes just being on the other end of the phone or video chat is enough, but actively offering advice when requested, a listening ear or practical support can help expectant parents to feel less alone and more supported during this time.

It goes without saying that group gatherings may be limited; however, that doesn’t mean you should drop any ideas of baby showers or pampering sessions. you just need to be creative. Arrange for direct deliveries of any gifts for mum or baby such as pamper treats, nappies, wipes, breastfeeding supplies or even a Palm Leaf Moses Baskets in absence of a traditional baby shower. The gifts can then arrive while you carry out the party virtually with other friends and family members.

Trying to make this experience as normal as possible can be a huge source of support to parents going through a pregnancy during a global pandemic. Practise social distancing and follow any local or national guidance on how best to prepare for pregnancy during lockdown measures or local restrictions so as to limit the risk of passing on COVID-19 to mum or dad to be.

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