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11th August 2017
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11th August 2017

How to Host The Ultimate Kids Party… On a Budget!

As you know, we recently had a birthday and have just had Rowan and Bear’s and have Lily and Uncle Peter’s still to come this month! Today’s children’s parties are becoming more and more extravagant by the year, from multi-tier cakes to miniature Ferrari’s and professional party bags being a far cry from the cake and party popper we got given back in the day, it is understandable that parents worry about how they’re going to make their child’s party enjoyable, without taking out a second mortgage to fund it. Hosting a great kids party which is loved by all is definitely doable on a budget, and here are a few creative ways you can successfully impress your guests for half the price (as well as keep the birthday boy or girl smiling all afternoon)…

pink triangles of cake covered in sprinkles on white floorboards surrounded by green and blue straws and party hats and a cup of cola in the middle and a sparkler lit on the right

Plan, plan, plan

If your little one’s birthday is coming up in the next couple of months it might be worth beginning to plan their party now, rather than leaving it until the last minute. Not only does being organised make the whole planning procedure generally a little less stress-free it also means that you have plenty of time to hunt for comparisons on things like venues and decorations so that you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest available for what it is you want. Planning in advance also means you’re a lot more likely to get a definite estimate of numbers so you’re not wasting money on no shows. girl sat at table writing in a notebook with a coffee next to her

Be Decoration Savvy

Sites such as eBay are great for party decorations if you are planning a big bash because you can usually bulk-buy which will also save you some pennies. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a few bits and pieces to brighten things up then don’t be scared to go and hunt

those pound shop bargains. From bunting, to streamers, posters, table decorations and even party hats – no one will ever know how much they cost once your venue is decorated to the nines. If you are planning a little extravagance, perhaps hiring out a venue instead of hosting in your house then it is important that you have all of the entertainment essentials such as music and planned party games. The right music and lighting can transform an otherwise boring venue into something fun and exciting. Lighting costs don’t have to be expensive, a simple disco ball will keep children entertained for hours and lighting doesn’t have to break the bank – LED colour changing lights will provide the perfect party atmosphere whilst costing next to nothing to run. What’s more, you can take them home after the party and jazz up a room in your house!

Provide your own Fooda 4 layered cake in pink yellow and orange seperated with white buttercream and covered on the outside in buttercream then multicoloured sprinkles and stars with a slice of the cake cut and pulled out slightly on a cake stand on a completely black background

The thought of cooking for a big group of children (and even the adults) can be a pretty daunting prospect, but if you’re savvy about it then you can save yourself a hell of a lot of money. Bulk buying loaves of bread and sandwich fillers (cheese or ham), cutting up fruit and putting it on wooden skewers and chopping up cucumber and carrots for finger foods are great ways to feed your young guests. Why not buy some rich tea biscuits and provide bowls of icing and sprinkles for a cheap, fun-filled dessert and activity rolled into one? Biscuit decorating might be a little messy but it’s cheap and keeps em entertained (and fed!). Better still, host your party between the hours of 2-5pm where only snacks will need to be provided, rather than a lunch or dinner. When it comes to providing the cake, it seems the competition is rife these days and cake extravagance is a real thing. If you haven’t got the money, don’t be sucked into hiring a professional cake maker for a personalised masterpiece…roll your sleeves up and do it yourself! Simply bake a simple Victoria or chocolate sponge, whip up some butter cream and ice with good old icing sugar and water. Cake pens are pretty reasonably priced in most discount stores or supermarkets and you can get your little one to decorate it themselves for a really nice, personal touch.

Double Upchilds feet sticking out from underneath a piece of cowboy material with a sign saying keep out made into a den

If your little one is in school, they might have a friend that has a birthday either on the same day or at a similar time, so if you know the parents it might be worth doubling up for a birthday celebration. Halving things like venue prices and providing food as a joint effort, not only saves you money but also takes the stress and strain of singlehandedly organising a party away slightly.

Kick it Back Old School

In a world of Nintendo Switches, Playstation 4’s and iPads, the thought of keeping children entertained these days seems like an impossible task. However, you really can’t go wrong with traditional old school party games. These aren’t played anymore like they used to be so it’s something different for the kids and guess what….it’s free! Think Duck Duck Goose, Wink Murder, Charades, Simon Says, Musical Bumps/Chairs, Red Rover….the list is endless. Provide old school mini prizes for the winners (spinning tops, yoyo’s and Rubix cubes) and you’ll have them all wanting to play like we used to.

hundreds of balloons in every colour of the rainbow up high in the clear blue sky floating away

So there you have it – those are my tips on how you can have your own kid’s party on a budget. Do you have any more tips for me?!

If you want to see how Alyssa’s birthday went recently, why not check out: “A Fairy Magical Birthday!”

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  1. These are fab tips and very useful for me at the moment with Jessica’s 6th birthday coming up. Last year we had a knights and fairies theme. I didn’t do party bags at all – instead I bought some cardboard shields and set up a table with pipe cleaners, stickers and marker pens. The children had to find a stick from the garden to make a fairy wand (or sword) and made a shield each which they took home along with a piece of birthday cake instead of a party bag. Much cheaper and it provided an activity. I also did a simple treasure hunt around the garden which helped keep them entertained too. Will be bearing some of your other tips in mind for this year’s party. #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Fab ideas!! My little boy is 6 now and for 6 years we have gone completely overboard with the birthday parties! Thank you for sharing #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I gave up on party bags a long time ago, as I hate when my kids get them at their friends’ birthday parties – plastic tat and a sugar overdose are not the best way to end a party, no matter how fun it was. I always make their cakes and provide food and drinks, bu rarely host parties at home. With my boys outdoor activity parties are usually a big hit.

  4. Fab ideas – I love the rich tea biscuit and icing idea and my son loves playing ‘duck, duck, goose.’ #ablogginggoodtime

  5. Parties can be so expensive can’t they? #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Liz Deacle says:

    I think the idea of keeping it old school works for us! I played pin the tail on the donkey with my daughter’s friends when they were about 5 and they loved it! I’m glad that now I have teenagers the pressure for the party thing has gone, although saying that, I bet they’d still love to play pin the tail!

  7. Great tips, I’d also add that there are loads of great sites where you can personalise and print your own invitations and bunting all for free x

  8. Ah! My little will be turning 7 in September! Great tips, and timely too! I will let you know how we make out! xoxo #ablogginggoodtime

  9. For Bens party we got platters from Sainsbury’s. For a guest list of 60 it cost us £200 and when we compared the cost of making it all ourselves it didnt make much of a difference! we also did pass the parcel but I stupidly gave lollies to one year olds hahaha! #ablogginggoodtime