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A New Home with Desenio

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.

When you move into a new home, there is so much going on and for a while there are boxes everywhere, until you figure out where everything from your old home has a place in your new home. Recently, a lovely friend of mine bought a home with her family and once they were all unpacked she realised that they didn’t really have anything to go on the walls of their home, other than a few family pictures. They had moved from a smallish space, to one much bigger and they wanted beautiful pictures and prints to go on the walls of their new home. When I was asked by Desenio if I would like to review their products, I was delighted to offer some of these prints for my friends new home!

At Desenio, they are passionate about interiors and specifically Scandinavian design. Their business idea is simple: stylish wall art should be affordable to everyone. Since the business was founded in 2010, they have grown exponentially. They boast an online presence in 33 countries and are steadily breaking into new markets.

At Desenio, you will find Scandinavia’s widest range of posters along with frames, hangers, picture ledges and clips. They frequently add new items to their range, in order to keep abreast of the latest interior and Scandinavian designs. They have something to suit every room and style of interior.

Whilst obviously wanting to get prints for the main living space in their home, my friend also wanted some prints for her bedroom that were dreamy and relaxing. She ended up looking through the botanical prints and found a beautiful set of three dandelion pictures in soft neutral tones that fit her wants perfectly.

Something I love about Desenio, is that when you select a print design, you can then choose a frame to match it in the same menu and you are automatically given the right dimensions, meaning that you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong sixed frame for your print and not finding out until they arrive.

In their living room they have gone for a “cosy industrial” vibe with mustard yellows and black trims and they wanted something bold to go on their vast living room wall that has a sofa running almost the full length of it.

They opted for the beautiful black and white lion and elephant prints which face in towards each other and again used Desenio’s amazing frame tool to pick the perfect, slim-line black frames to go around them. I think, when walking into the room, they will make an incredible statement piece on the wall.

Fortunately my friend knew what she wanted and had a good eye when choosing – I do NOT seem to have this eye and whilst I love a collection of pictures, I never seem to be able to find the right ones to fit together. Another tool that Desenio offer is their gallery wall feature – where you can literally see, pre-designed gallery walls and how they would go together, but you also have the option of swapping different images in and out so as to suit your aesthetic.

If you’re looking to refresh your walls or you have just moved to a new home and your walls are bare, then I cannot recommend Desenio enough! Why not use my exclusive discount code to get 45% OFF Desenio prints.

At the checkout use code: INATUTU

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