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31st May 2019
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2nd June 2019
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We may never have been a couple whilst Alyssa has been alive and we may, at one point, have really not liked each other very much, but gradually over the last, almost 4 years of our daughter’s life, Alyssa’s dad and I have become more than awkward ex-partners who never really got to know each other well enough. Instead, I would dare to say, we are in fact friends of some sorts. We can laugh and joke with each other, sit and have a coffee and enjoy watching our daughter grow up into the sassy little girl that she is turning out to be. Unless it’s something to do with Alyssa like a birthday, we don’t spend time together socially, but we do get along and that’s what matters. However, even back in the beginning, when we weren’t getting along, I still made sure I got him a gift from his daughter on his birthday and of course on Fathers Day.  So even though we aren’t together, I still look for something for Alyssa to give the daddy she loves very much.

a little girls hand wrapped around a mans finger

Action Man for all Action Men this Father’s Day

For many kids the greatest hero of them all is their very own dad; so why not reward dads this Father’s Day with a trip down memory lane and the hero of their childhoods; Action Man! Action Man is the favourite action figure of generations and the Action Man Timeless Classic range is not only just like the original, but is packaged the same too; instantly taking them back to when they were kids.

The Sailor, Soldier and Pilot are available as single figures (£14.99)These gifts will instantly bring with them nostalgia of every dad’s childhood when Action Man was their inspiration and role model and when toys were toys and they were merely boys. Once through the retro packaging, dads will find the buzz cuts and outfits are totally authentic. Soldier Action man, comes in desert camo, sand boots and beret, Sailor is resplendent and ready for work in his blue sailor suit and the Pilot in his bright orange flight suit is ready for take-off and a high-altitude adventure.

There are also deluxe 3-piece sets available for £24.99 which come with extra accessories too! Make you dad feel like a kid again this Fathers Day and great for the kids too if they get a look in! They’re all available online now.

action men

Five Supercar Driving Blast

Get behind the wheel of five elite supercars with this 15 mile supercar driving experience at Brands Hatch. Choose from eight sleek supercars, including the Ferrari California, the Aston Marin V8 Vantage, the Porsche 911 and more. After an introduction and safety briefing from a professional instructor, slide into the driving seat and race round the track for three miles in each car! With the unique opportunity to compare the elegance, power and speed of the most prestigious cars in the world, a day at Brands Hatch is guaranteed to delight any car lover.

An experience is always something dads will never forget, so whether it’s a drive in a supercar, a trip to the spa or an adventure day, you’ll be sure to find something on Red Letter Days that will suit all dads!

green super car

Cards & More with Love Layla Designs

Looking for the right card for your dad? Want something a little bit cheekier than your average card? Then you need Love Layla Designs. They design and print hilarious, cheeky and rude Greetings Cards that will definitely provide laughs all round! Full of humour, laughter and swear words that bring out the childish giggles in you – They create a card for every occasion.

Not only that but they have little unique gifts including this brilliant little badge which makes for a great mini gift and this notebook because lets face it all dads do dad jokes right?! I may be the only one that laughs my socks off at them, but I love a good dad joke.  Alyssa has several men in her life who love her very much so I am sure to find something for daddy and granddad and for my step-dad too! You can find the full Love Layla  Design’s Fathers Day range online now.

layla designs cards and notebook

Cello Smart Traveller TV

For Dad’s who love the traditional British camping holiday, Cello’s Smart Traveller TV is a great choice for those wanting to watch their favourite shows whilst out of the home. Possibly even a contender for the ‘dad den’ or ‘man cave’.

Weighing only 2.4kg it is also one of the lightest on the market, perfect for Those not wanting to miss out on the Six Nations this year. With a Full HD screen, Dad’s won’t have to compromise on image quality whilst on the road. Plus, the Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot capabilities makes it possible for the whole family to enjoy a great viewing experience, with access to over 1000 apps, so everyone can get cosy over Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, on Netflix. The Cello Smart Traveller TV is now available online!

cello smart TV

BackBeat Fit – True Wireless Sports Earbuds

Take your outdoor workouts to the next level with the BackBeat FIT 3100 true wireless sport earbuds. Their ultra-stable, sweatproof and waterproof design helps you break personal records, while Always Aware™ eartips allow you to hear your surroundings for safer training in any environment. With a flexible design for ultimate comfort, the sweatproof and waterproof BACKBEAT FIT 3100 true wireless sport earbuds from Plantronics will have you taking your workouts to the next level. Featuring Plantronics’ new Always Aware technology you will be able to stay connected to your surroundings like never before, enjoying safer training in any environment. With up to 5 hours of continuous wireless listening and 10 additional hours provided by the charge case, staying on the move has never been easier.

The BackBeat Fit Wireless Earbuds are now available online.

backbeat fit earbuds in case

Nextbase Dash Cam

Voice call and message on the move using the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam with Alexa built-in. Use Alexa to play music, find parking, control smart home devices and talk directly to your Dash Cam. Emergency SOS will alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an accident. Intelligent Parking Mode records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended.

The 422GW is also compatible with the Nextbase Rear-View Camera Modules to add a second camera. Personalise your Dash Cam and choose one of 3 different rear camera views from Rear, Cabin or Rear Window view. Great for all those petrol heads!

The full range of Nextbase Dash Cams are available online.

dash cam

Sweet Treats for All with Creative Nature Superfoods

We have a lot of special diets in the family. We have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free but also someone who suffers with IBS meaning they need a low fodmap diet which includes being lactose and soya free which can be a real challenge. Fortunately for this we found Creative Nature Superfoods who provide products which are vegan and designed for those who have food intolerance or allergies – and people in that position can find sweet treats a real challenge. I was delighted to try out their brownie and cupcake mixes. They have loads of different mixes and ready to eat foods available and are a real find!

creative nature foods packs

Cricket Ready with Carlton Books

ICC Cricket World Cup England 2019: The Official Book is a celebration of the world’s most important 50-over cricket tournament, the World Cup. Eight teams will be joining hosts England in the summer 2019 trying to prise loose the grip on the trophy.

It contains everything fans need to follow and enjoy the tournament, comprising description of the cities and grounds which will host games, full guides to the 10 teams in England, their star players, the qualification competition, a history of the 11 previous tournaments, full facts and stats and a fill-in guide for every match to create a personal memento. Not only that but there is a kid’s handbook too so both dad and kids can follow 2019 together and create lots of memories.

Getting outside with Outdoor 365

Outdoor365 Limited is a specialist collection of online retailers in the UK and Europe, selling the finest outdoor equipment and accessories, manufactured by the world’s leading brands from within the outdoor sector.

Three essential garden tools, presented in this special gift box from Opinel. Ideal for preparing avid gardeners for Spring, this unique pop colour collection features the Saw N°12, Garden knife N°08 and Pruning knife N°08, all hand crafted in France.

Anti-corrosive Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel is used to craft the blades, minimising maintence time and achieving a superior edge. The handles are white, French forest wood, a vein free material coloured in vibrant green, pink and orange. The wood is then varnished for protection against moisture and dirt. Like all Opinel knives, these tools feature Virobloc safety rings, keeping blades locked open or closed for secure use and transportation. An original set ideal for a special seasonal gift. Add a personal touch with an engraved message on the knife blades.

Brought to you by experts in Brazilian barbecue, this Tramontina set is an essential piece for your summer evenings.

Designed to make grilling easy, the tongs allow you to firmly grip the meat as you turn which will help you get a perfect finish. Serving couldn’t be simpler with the carving fork and knife which has a stainless steel blade to glide through the meat. Each piece has a dark handle which has been sustainably sourced and is presented in a rustic wooden gift box.

Add a personalised message for a special occasion.

Man Care with Black Leopard

Black Leopard, is an Australian Men’s Grooming range created by a family of men of different ages, stages and skincare issues. The ingredients are naturally derived and scientifically proven and contain active ingredients which actually work!

They have six hero products which includes their Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum, Black Leopard – developed using the most advanced snit-ageing technology for use on men’s skin. Reducing puffiness and dark circles, helps to increase elasticity, lock in moisture and plump the skin – reducing wrinkles!

Perfect for dads to make sure they take care of themselves too!


  1. Father’s Day can be rough.
    I applaud your commitment to put your daughter first in the celebration of it!

  2. Kate Holmes says:

    Nice selection. I always used to get my Dad a book or honey or mustard or port which he loved. #ABloggingGoodTime

  3. Laurie says:

    Thanks for these great suggestions!

  4. Some fantastic suggestions. I always struggle to think of Fathers Day ideas! #ABloggingGoodTime

  5. Plenty to choose from there … can’t see them giving me the TV though!!! #AbloggingGoodTinme

  6. Such a good varied selection, loving the retro action man! #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Kylie says:

    I think it is great that you’ve been able to develop a friendship with Alyssas dad, and even when things were tough you still thought to get him a gift from her. Our fathers day is till a little while off, but there is a great variety of gifts here!

  8. Tracey Carr says:

    Lovely ideas, certainly plenty to choose from #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Modern Gypsy says:

    Great selection of gift ideas! Those sassy cards look great! #ablogginggoodtimr

  10. These are some great ideas! I got my ex-husband a lotto ticket and a playstation card because he’s a gamer lol. He loved it and the kids loved giving it to him 🙂 #ABloggingGoodTime