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Good Things About Aging

It doesn’t matter what age we are, we make up exactly how happy we want to be in life from a very young age. We also make our own opinions about what it will be like to be an older person or a senior, and most of us are either terrified of getting to that age or we are excited about having the privilege to do so.
There are days where we want to be grown up and there are days that we wish we could be younger. If we really sit down and think about it, though, we don’t often think about what life will be like at the very last stages. We try to avoid thinking about whether we would need home care or whether we’d move into a care home. We don’t think about whether or not we need to prepare for our retirements with a trust fund or with a pension plan. There are so many considerations to make when it comes to becoming a senior, and that means you need to think about all of the things that come with aging, not just the negatives. So with this list, we’re going to give you some ideas about the good things that come with aging so that you don’t have to feel so scared.

  • You find yourself feeling more insecure as a teenager and even through your 20s. You may feel insecure about your looks, about the way your friendship group is going, and about whether or not you have found the right love. As you get older, you become more sure of yourself, and it’s a shame really that you can’t feel that sure of yourself when you’re a kid. Getting older comes with the ability to be able to put aside any of the rubbish and just focus on yourself.
  • Less likely to sweat the small stuff. Where you are in your 20s, some of the small stuff really does matter, and the way that you feel about it matters too. You’ve been around the block By the time you’re a senior, which reduces your anxiety because you already know what you’re going to do and what to expect. You could feel much more sure of yourself.
  • You know what you like, and you like what you know. One of the best things about becoming a senior is knowing that you know what you like, you know what makes you feel good and you are happy to lean into that. There is less insecurity and less confusion and less questioning about what you actually want in life because you’ve already decided that as you’ve got older and now you are older, you can lean into those decisions in a perfect way.
  • You are so much kinder to yourself when you’re a senior. You already spent decades of your time beating yourself up and feeling bad about things. By the time you’re a senior, you just don’t feel that sad anymore, and you’re so happy within yourself that you won’t be beating yourself up over making certain decisions. 

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