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21st December 2016
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31st December 2016


It’s that time of the year again and we’re back for #tribalchat awards. This will in fact be our 3rd awards ( I can’t believe it already!!!) and we’re also on the cusp of our #tribalchat one year anniversary in February. I am amazed at how we have grown into such an amazing and supportive community and I know for a fact that I have made some friends for life. Anyway, you’re not here for me to waffle on about sentiment and how much I love our litre corner of blogland, oh no…. you’re here because the awards voting is OPEN!

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That’s right the awards are open and ready for voting!!

Firstly, I have to thank our amazing sponsors for these awards, the fabulous Maryland Cookies, who will be providing the prizes for our awesome blogging winners!

 Now, let’s take a look at the awards on offer…

a black and white flower

Last won by Fran from Whinge Whine Wine!

hands making a heart

Last won by Fi from A Mum Track Mind!

girl looking sad

Last won by Catie from Diary of An Imperfect Mum!

Only EVER won by Claudia from Dr. Mummykins

Last won by Min of Single Mum Speaks

Last won by Bridie from Bridie by the Sea!

Last won by Beth from The Beta Mummy

a sparkly butterfly

Last won by Sarah from The Mumzilla!

Last won by Sam from Mouse, Moo and Me Too!

a twitter bird

Last won by Claire from The Pramshed!

Only EVER won by Pat from White Camellias!

pink purple and red hearts

Last won by Helen from Just Saying Mum!

a sunset

Last won by Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love!

a mouth

Last won by Becky from Sparkly Mummy!

a co Last won by Emma of Island Living 365 – our most coveted award that involves an even bigger prize too!


Now for the rules…

Voting is open from 1st January until 16th January.
Anyone can vote – friends, families and fellow bloggers.
You MUST be a member of the #tribalchat Facebook group to be eligible to be voted for ( a list of eligible winners is on the voting format. )
You can only vote for 1 person in a MAXIMUM of 3 categories. If someone is voted for in every category by a voter, this vote shall be voided.
Winners will be announced live on Twitter on 17th January – hosted by me!!
Feel free to canvas for votes – you never know, you could be a winner!
There is a badge for each winner and a physical prize for the Super Blogger Award too.

That’s it – any questions pop me a message or leave a comment and good luck everyone. If you think your name has been missed off the list and you should be eligible for nomination then please do pop me a message and I’ll amend the form




  1. I just did my voting! In the process I totally missed my foodie vote… can you add Little Paper Swans for my Foodie vote as it won’t let me submit again 🙂

  2. Thank you for hosting my lovely. I have think I would have voted for you in more than one category if I could have done! Can’t wait till next week, fingers crossed! #triballove