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21st December 2016
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29th December 2016

Our Family Tradition!

We have so many traditions in our family that we do every year and they completely make Christmas for me. Everything from stockings to food, from everyone piling into one house to each of us having a black bin bag to collect all our presents in so they don’t accidentally get thrown out with all the wrapping paper. However, one of my all time favourites is… board games. I know it is such a cliche but I can’t help it, I just love them!! My sister and I played board games growing up and almost went under some sort of “training” as our father would never let us win and taught us to be completely ruthless… though this does mean that no-one will now play Monopoly with us anymore because to us it literally means WAR! So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we had a new game to play this year…

Introducing the new “3-2-1 Draw” from Crayola Games – think Pictionary, only better! Are you quick on the Draw? For fast fingers on the move 3,2,1 Draw! is perfect, for on the go fun with a variety of play options in one stow-away set! Inspiration dice generate ideas for drawings so you can play on your own or challenge family and friends to guess your sketch! It’s up to you what you draw but remember you’re against the clock as the Pipsqueak pen has a fun sand timer attached!

It’s great because unlike a lot of games it is really compact meaning that it is not going to take up too much room on the games shelf. There is a nifty little timer that sits on the end of your crayola pen which also adds a bit of pressure as you watch it ticking away and then there is a little eraser to wipe away your doodles once you’re done!

What I found really great were the 3 little dice that help you get ideas on what to draw – but you can choose to us
e them or pop them away for another time because if you have you’re own ideas you can just go with the flow!

We also added in forfeits too for the losing team when we played and did not stop laughing at the lack of drawing skills some people in our family appear to have! Another great thing about this game is it doesn’t go on and on and on forever like some games – when you’ve had enough you can just choose to be done and pack it away for next time… brilliant!!

Thanks so much to Crayola for sending me “3-2-1 Draw” we absolutely love it and we will be playing loads over the holidays I’m sure!! There are a couple of other new games out from Crayola too so you should head on over to check them out and bag your family some great games to play for Christmas and the rest of the year too!

Visit Crayola.co.uk

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