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29th September 2017
My Sunday Journal – What Happened?
1st October 2017
It’s that time of year again – have you seen all the awards going on?! I’ve been watching from afar, unable to attend any of the awards and conferences this year unfortunately but have enjoyed it immensely cheering my friends on from the side lines and virtually helping them to celebrate. That’s what I love about the #TribalChatAwards because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection you’ll be be able to attend just as much as every other person there. Tribal Chat all begun (almost two years ago now!!!) because I shared a post on my blog called “Personal Ad: Blogger Seeks Tribe!” and from that a few women contacted me saying they’d love to be in my tribe, then the Live Chat began (every other Tues 8.30pm on Twitter #TribalChat) and now as I said almost two years on we have a couple of hundred members and I can honestly call each one of them a friend and absolutely adore our little community in the blogosphere. So – why not celebrate that?! And what better way to do that than with an awards ceremony you can attend in your pyjamas….

shot from above, a womans legs on a grey bed, wearing dark leggings, bare feet, with a silver laptop and one of her hands on the mouse pad

So what are we waiting for… let the Tribal Chat Blogging Awards October 2017 be declared officially OPEN!

I am once again pleased to announce that we will be joined by a Sponsor this year… drum roll please….. Welcome to the Tribal Chat Community – Paladone, who are Europe’s leading designer, creator and innovator of giftware. They have kindly joined us (along with Norton & Co PR) and will be sponsoring the awards by providing some very cool Photo Prop Prizes for our winning bloggers, awards night goodie bags for a few select bloggers to help them celebrate the night in style AND a huge bottle of bubbles for the winner of the ultimate award! Thanks Paladone – we are so pleased to have you on board!

If you want to check out Paladone you can see them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too!

You can also find Norton & Co PR on Twitter too  – huge shout out to the girls who work over there and are amazing!


So first things first, let’s take a look at what awards are up for grabs…













































Now for the rules…

Voting is open from 1st October until 16th October.
Anyone can vote – friends, families and fellow bloggers.
You MUST be a member of the #tribalchat Facebook group to be eligible to be voted for ( a list of eligible winners is on the voting format. )
You can only vote for 1 person in a MAXIMUM of 3 categories. If someone is voted for in every category by a voter, this vote shall be voided.
Winners will be announced live on Twitter on 17th October – hosted by me just follow #tribalchat!!
Tweet @tribalchattweet @paladone & @norton_pr to get your Vote for Me Pages shared!
There is a badge for each winner, a photo prop prize for each winner and a bottle of bubbly for the Super Blogger Prize winner.

That’s it – any questions pop me a message or leave a comment and good luck everyone. If you think your name has been missed off the list and you should be eligible for nomination then please do pop me a message and I’ll amend the form



**Please note I am receiving nothing for creating, organising or running these awards. I do this purely because I am nuts and I love it!


  1. Yay awards! I can’t wait. It would be great to win an award again, but it’s just so much fun to spend the evening drinking bubbly while celebrating some of my best blog buddies. #ablogginggoodtime

  2. This is a brilliant idea and as you say perfect as a means of reaching all those in the blogging world both in reality and virtually. Some great categories too. Can you vote for bloggers if you are not on facebook? Would love to support some of my faves on your list but am not on facebook yet. If not I will cheer from afar. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Love these awards, sounds like so much fun. #abloggingoodtime

  4. This is a new one to me #ablogginggoodtime

  5. This is fantastic there are so many bloggers now in tribal I cant keep up! I am excited to see who gets awards and wish everyone could get one as everyone is so amazing. You put so much work into the awards you are a super blogger. Must buy you fizz! #ablogginggoodtime xx

  6. Modern Gypsy says:

    These look like a fun set of awards! There are so many blogging awards these days that it’s hard to keep up with all of them!! #ablogginggoodtime

  7. How exciting to be eligible this year! #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Eva Katona says:

    Voted! Good luck for the nominees, but as I know most of them – they are all fabulous bloggers #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Good luck and fingers crossed for you X #ablogginggoodtime

  10. Aleena says:

    Such a cool idea, eagle eyes out for the lucky winners!! #ablogginggoodtime

  11. What a great concept for awards! Best of luck to all involved x

  12. […] What are the awards, you may ask? Well i’ll tell ye in as few short sentences as I possibly can. Tribal Chat have teamed up with Paledone who sell lovely photo gifts! The main prize i’m interested in, is one of these very snazzy blog badges for my sidebar! You can find out more about the prizes and all the other award categories by clicking this link. […]

  13. My vote for me page is up,,,eeek im nervous lol x #tribalchat

  14. Jaki says:

    Ooh I need to write my begging post! Been so busy this week I’ve not had chance. It’s on my to do list. Thanks for the opportunity to be up for the awards! #ablogginggoodtime

  15. Wow! SO many categories! Are these only for bloggers across the pond? xoxo Love this! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Nope it’s for anyone who’s in the Tribal Chat Facebook group. We have US Aus Europe all sorts x

  16. Helena says:

    Good luck everyone #ablogginggoodtime

  17. Thank you for hosting this! I’m super excited to see who wins!! Plus looking forward to the goodies coming my way =] #ablogginggoodtime