31st December 2016
#LionessMama Week 10 Round-Up!
2nd January 2017

Highlights of the Week: #30

Annnnnnddddd I’m back. I have to tell you that having a week off from blogging and work has done me the world of good and apart from taking a few photos, I haven’t thought about it once and it was definitely needed. When I had finally finished all my work before Christmas, I actually burst into tears with relief which I think meant that I needed a break and it has also allowed me to really enjoy Christmas and time spent with my family. So, for this highlights, I’m going to bring you a few of my best moments from the festive period….

alyssa on her new pink scooter with a big smile and presents behind her

Alyssa’s face when she first got her new scooter was priceless…. though we did not time it well as it was one of the first gifts she opened and then she just wanted to scoot all over the other presents. Full review of the scooter coming soon to the blog….

Alyssa stood sucking her finger wearing a red dress with a gingerbread trim with white tights and black boots surrounded by toys

I loved some of her outfits this year – we managed to fit in a full on tutu, a tulle dress and a gingerbread dress as well as a cute plaid onesie!
my new canon dslr camera sat on a wooden table
You’re reading from one very lucky and happy blogger this week. My wonderful mum and her partner got me this gorgeous new camera for Christmas  (up until now everything has been on my phone!!) I also got a light box and a brilliant new tripod for my phone too, as well as a load of unicorn and fairy merchandise too… they know me so well!!
alyssa and I with our mouths open looking at the camera!
Obviously the best part of the whole time was spending time with this little one – turning odd my social media and helping her enjoy the magic of Christmas. She was much more aware this year and did so well to take it all in her stride.  We broke things up for her so it wasn’t too much at once which worked well and now she’s loving all her new toys – she was thoroughly spoilt by everyone.
Alyssa sat in front of a lit chriistmas tree with all the presents in front of her
Did you have a good Christmas? Did you manage some time off? What’s been your highlights?


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  1. Karen says:

    Glad you got to take a break lady! Well and truly deserved. A’s dress is super cute! X

  2. lorraine says:

    Katie what a fab present, I’m wondering wether to get a camera as I use my phone & I’m not great at photography. So glad you had a proper break, best wishes for 2017.
    Lorraine x

  3. Ahh lovely Christmas memories. Alysssa’s face on the scooter is priceless!

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