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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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*This is a collaborative post.

With less than two months to go attention is starting to turn toward that famous December day. A lot of work and forward planning goes into making sure not only the day runs smoothly but that everything and everyone is taken care of. From presents to your children’s friends, to work colleagues to long lost family members who only make an appearance at Christmas to Secret Santa. With so much, and so many, to think about getting ahead of the game and starting in October is a great idea. So to help you in your planning and ensure you have everything ticked off of your list here are some great ideas for buying for your secret Santa, you know the one you get stuck with and never know what to get.

secret santa gift giving

Personalised gift

A personalised gift is perfect for a secret Santa present as buying a secret Santa gift can often come across as generic and poorly thought out, especially if you are buying for the person who sits on the other side of the office and you rarely speak to them. To give the impression you have really thought about their present check out an online personalised gifts store, where you might be able to personalise a workplace mug or nice bottle of wine.

Charity gifts

Instead of spending that pre-set £10.00 on something you are unsure a co-worker or friend really wants for secret Santa consider gifting them a charity present. You can donate an amount of money to a charity that will be put to a good cause and often they will provide you with a gift card explaining your donation. Oxfam, for example, offers charitable gifts starting at £5.00. The gifts can range from gifting seeds to help communities grow produce to gifting a donkey, a child’s education or safe water. It is a selfless gift that can make a huge difference in deprived communities and one that can make you and the recipient feel a little more charitable this Christmas.

a wooden barrel with green and red grapes in front and 2 glasses one with white and one with red wine

A Gourmet Sampler Box

Buying anything gourmet or high end doesn’t usually come cheap but when you buy it has a sampler package you will be getting it that bit cheaper, and most likely within your secret Santa budget. If you want to make it look like you’ve not skimped and saved on your secret Santa gift this year then scour the market for a high-end sample box. Give your recipient a little taste of luxury. It could be anything from gourmet coffee, cheese or even fancy pub snacks, whatever it is you know your gift receiver would like. 


If all else fails and you really are drawing a blank on your secret Santa you cannot go wrong with buying a bit, or a lot, of chocolate. Go big and buy an oversized block from Cadburys or a go high end and buy a treat box from Hotel Chocolate – don’t just buy a Mars bar off the shelf at the corner shop. It might not sound like the most adventurous present but there is one thing you can be sure of and that is, chocolate will always be a well-received gift. 

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