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Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker is BACK | Review

mr frosty

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If you were a kid in the 80s/90s then like me you can probably remember a whole array of toys you had and a heap load more you wanted. My sister and I lived for Fashion Wheel, Barbie’s Bubble Factory, Dream Phone and of course I had the standard Fax File of dreams. One thing that was always on our list but for some reason we never ever got was the Mr Frosty Ice slushie maker. Well my childhood dreams are now as a reality as Mr Frosty is making a total comeback and we, I mean Alyssa, is now the proud owner of one. She loves a slushie drink and sadly our local shop stopped selling them when the pandemic hit. Now, it doesn’t matter because we can make our own!

Mr frosty

Make your own delicious frozen treats with Mr Frosty the Ice Crunchy Maker, the coolest guy around! This friendly snowman comes with everything you need to create your own crunchy ice, fruity ice shapes and ice lollies!

To make refreshing drinks, simply add some ice under Mr Frosty’s hat and turn the handle to crush it. Then put the ice into one of the sundae dishes and use the squeezy penguin to add your favourite juice or cordial. You now have the perfect thing for a summer’s day.

You can also use the ice lolly moulds and shape trays for even more fruity creations. Simply pop your favourite fruity drinks into the moulds and place them in the freezer for a while, then take them out and they’re ready to eat. For even more fun, put the frozen shapes under Mr Frosty’s hat and turn the handle on his back to create tasty crushed ice treats for everyone.

Features include;

  • Retro Mr Frosty ice cruncher
  • Use any fruit drink to create delicious frozen treats
  • Includes everything you need to make crushed ice sundaes, lollies and more
  • Simply turn handle to crush the ice
  • Includes Mr Frosty spoons and bowls to taste your creations!

Contents: 1 Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker, 3 ice lolly moulds, 2 Mr Frosty spoons, 1 penguin juice dispenser, 2 Shaped ice tray moulds, 2 Mr Frosty bowls

Quite honestly this took me right back to my childhood and I am not sure who was more excited, Alyssa or me. I think I even saw a bit of excitement from Mr Tutu. We immediately cracked on with making some lollies and whilst they were setting we made some slushie drinks to tide us over. It was just as good as I’d hoped it would be when I was a child!

As a fun activity for both parents and kids, you definitely need a Mr Frosty in your house… the only downside is I now have to always remember to fill up the ice trays!

Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker retails for £22.00 from Argos.

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