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23rd March 2018
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26th March 2018
I am well aware that I only went on holiday back in November (which I’d like to point out was the first time I’d been abroad in 5 years!!) but that feels like literally eons ago now. My tan is fading, there is no longer a post holiday glow and in all honesty I need a blimmin’ break again. Add in the fact that I know Alyssa would be a bazillion times healthier if we lived in a warmer climate all the time and I really am desperate to hop aboard a plane and fly far far away to anywhere that involves a pool, sunbed, delicious food and a comfortable bed. You can see, I really am not fussy at all. When I get into moods like this, I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time day dreaming about holidays past and what I did and what I’d like to do all over again. One of my fondest holiday memories was my first ever trip abroad when I was twelve…

a grey brick wall and in front is a brown leather case with a blue scar and dslr camera on top

I can remember being so very excited. I was a very fortunate child because despite my mother being a single parent, I don’t remember wanting for anything which she thinks is amazing now when she knows how much we struggled. At times she was working two jobs just to make ends meet but I can remember my sister and I being very happy.a close up of cauliflower cheese with a crispy top

Holidays were a huge deal for us but they weren’t anything fancy. My beloved nanny moved back to Bexhill-on-Sea when my grandpa died as that’s where all her siblings, my wonderful great aunts and uncles as well as cousins lived. This of course meant that each summer, my sister and I would go off to Bexhill and spent two wonderful weeks being spoilt rotten by the lot. Nanny and Auntie Edie (which we pronounced deedee) would greet us with cauliflower cheese and jacket potatoes and we’d spent the fortnight traveling on buses with picnics, a girl stood on top of a tyre swing hanging from a treewatching magic shows on the sea front, being swung upside down in the strong arms of Uncle Bill or singing with Uncle Ron and being taken for treats with cousins Karen, Paul and Sonic. It really was idyllic and utterly perfect.

We’d also have wonderful holidays in caravan parks with mum too – we used to love going to Haven Holidays and being part of the tiger club. To be honest, the adults hardly ever saw us as we were off on adventures with the reps. I can still remember half the tiger club song and the actions now.

We never ever felt like we were missing out and actually I don’t think ever really thought about going abroad. So when at 12 we were told we’d be going to Spain with mum and my step-dad it was all a bit intriguing to be honest. We’d never flown, never been anywhere other than good old England so didn’t really know what to expect. We weren’t going anywhere really commercialised but to Costa de Almeria in Spain and honestly we couldn’t have asked for a better first holiday.grenada in spain

We stayed in gorgeous white washed apartments which seemed to shine against the blue skies. We spent our days by what we called our “secret pool” so named because it appeared that not many of the guests knew it was there and most wanted to be down by the main pool. As good swimmers, my sister and I spent hours, swimming, diving and snorkeling in that pool with our parents laughing and watching on and occasionally popping in for a dip too.

We wandered around markets where thanks to our dark hair, eyes and instantly olive skin we were mistaken for locals which we thought was hilarious. We visited the beach and sat under parasols made of leaves and when snorkeling in the sea. We even hopped on a coach trip to Grenada which was incredibly beautiful even though the coach journey itself scared us half to death thanks to the dramatic cliff drop on one side of the road.

a silhouette picture of a child playing in the small waves of the sea

It’s when I look back and remember moments like this that I wish I could pack our bags and hop on a plane and go and create even more wonderful memories. So far I have taken Alyssa back to Bexhill-on-Sea where we played in the park with our cousins that my wonderful nanny and deedee took us to when we were little. We have been to Bluestone Wales and Centre Parcs and even managed a week in Tenerife back in November. They are obviously fond memories as Alyssa asks on a weekly basis when we will be going on holiday again and I merely say, sometime soon because who knows when we will be packing our bags again. One thing is for sure, I will be taking her to beautiful Spain at some point and showing her all the memories I made.

If you’re thinking about visiting Spain why not click here to look at holidays.

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. What a lovely post! Similar to you, my childhood holidays were with my nan. My nan and grandad owned a caravan right by the sea. I thought it was completely magical! I didn’t get abroad until I was 17. I though cockles in a newspaper cone was the height of gastronomy haha! Great memories xx

  2. Clare says:

    Oh we love Centre Parks too, it is so much fun, and Freddie always asks to go back. My mum has a house in France so when Freddie was much younger we would go there. Now he is 8 we have been lucky to have taken him to America, Jamaica as well as France and Spain. He always makes a scrap book of his holiday adventures which we look at probably every month.

  3. You have already taken Alyssa on some fabulous holidays and I hope that she will remember them too. Your holiday destination in Spain looks awfully like where we visit! #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Kate says:

    Beautiful post – holiday are vital for wellbeing and can sustain us through more challenging times. Life is all about memories after all #ablogginggoodtime

  5. I do love my childhood holiday memories too. Now that I am a parent I hope that I can give the same great experiences for my children. #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Berni says:

    the only holiday i remember us having as kids was to Pontins (we even had the blue blazers) #ablogginggoodtime

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