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Science Mad Collection from Trends Review

science mad collection

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Alyssa is constantly asking me these days if we can do a challenge or experiment. School seems to have lit a fire under her thirst for knowledge and she wants to know how everything functions and works. Her current goal in life is to be a marine biologist and find a way to save the Great Barrier Reef – the girl has goals and is starting out small with litter picking and beach cleaning. However, I want to feed and nurture this desire of hers to learn more and feel like she can make a difference in the world. So when Trends offered us some of the items from their Science Mad Collection, I knew these would be perfect for my information hungry kid!

science mad collection

Science Mad is a collection of neat equipment and kits from Trends UK that’s purpose is to get kids inspired to explore more of what is around them and build a natural curiosity to learn more about how and why things work. Over the years Trends UK has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of science toys, with this Science Mad brand offering real experiments, based on proper chemistry and scientific gadgets. The Science Mad range covers three categories which are Outdoor and Adventure, Core Science and Science Kits.


This metal detector is perfectly sized for the younger audience and makes a prominent beep and triggers flashing blue LED lights on the handle bar when metal is detected. From old or lost coins, jewellery that has been accidentally dropped, keys or other hidden treasure, the Science Mad Digital Metal Detector is the ideal explorer toy for kids who love the great outdoors.

The Scicen Mad Digital Metal Detector is lightweight, easy to hold and can be altered in terms of both volume level and sensitivity. A fun new hobby, metal detecting is also a great way to help children explore, learn patience and become more curious about the world around them!

The Science Mad Digital Metal Detector retails at £24.99 at Very.

Science Mad! 5-in-1 Weather Station

This was really simple to set up. The weather station features,; a 3-cup anemometer to measure wind speed in MP/H or KP/H; an indicator that points to where wind is coming from; an integral compass to record wind direction; a thermometer to measure temperature in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius and a pull out rain gauge to measure inches and millimetres of rainfall.

It’s a very well thought out piece of kit, with everything an amateur weather person needs. It’s suitable for ages 6+ and it’s so easy to set up, just slot everything into place and plant it firmly outside, somewhere where it’s not sheltered from the weather.

The Science Mad 5-in-1 Weather Station retails at £17.99 at Very.

science mad collection weather station

Science Mad! Night Vision Goggles

They are light-weight and hands-free, and if you’re a child who loves to have adventures or in my case, sit up talking to themselves at night, then these are ideal for that. The blue-tinted lenses and bright LED light beams help to give you night vision. The flip-out scope and 2X magnifying lens can help you get a close up view of things in the dark.

The Science Mad Night Vision Goggles retail at £16.99 from Brightminds.

The Science Mad collection offers kids real scientific equipment and kits with real working features, which is excellent for learning more about science at home.

Alyssa cannot wait to head down to the beach this half-term and comb it with her metal detector, has been found asleep wearing her goggles in bed and is constantly heading down to check out what is happening at her weather station and wants to take it back to school with her!

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  1. Amy doyle says:

    My son seth he loves science stuff

  2. lucy higgins says:

    my nephew would love these! I wouldnt mind having a go of them myself too though!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    This is just the thing my granddaughter would absolutely love because she is forever out exploring.

  4. natalie burgess says:

    To my daughter xx

  5. Margaret Gallagher says:

    My nephew he’ll absolutely be thrilled MANY many thanks for your generosity

  6. Iain maciver says:

    perfect for my nephew

  7. Jennifer Toal says:

    My god son he would love them

  8. C Whitlow says:

    My science mad nephew – he loves to question EVERYTHING and find out the answers.

  9. melanie stirling says:

    I would give these to my nephew, he would have great fun!

  10. Adrian Bold says:

    I would give these to my nephew who would love them.

  11. Kate Sharman says:

    My son would love these for his birthday

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