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3rd June 2016
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3rd June 2016

No Bake Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

 I have mentioned before, but will remind you all anyway (have a bad habit of repeating myself) that my mum and sister have recently had to go gluten free. It has been a huge change for them as they are also vegetarian and are trying to go all natural too ie. no processed sugars either. For the first week or two they were kind of worried that they’d be surviving on nothing but vegetables and chickpeas and as for desserts and chocolate… forget it! My mum is an eager searcher of the internet and spends hours perusing pinterest, twitter, google anything to find out new recipes and things to try. It was during one of her searches that she came across this recipe…

This ‘No Bake Chocolate & Raspberry Tart’ comes from Rachel over @Bakeritablog and I have to say went down a storm!

 The tart case was really easy to make and mould to the tin – plus you don’t need to wait for it to set!

To be honest the filling is not that much more complicated and is pretty much like making a ganaché… those worried about it tasting of coconut… it doesn’t!

I may have licked the bowl….

 Once you have spread the filling evenly out, you don’t even need to wait for it to set before putting the raspberries on top!

After I had decorated it, I popped it in the fridge for an hour to make sure I’d be able to get it out of the case… needless to say it did not last long because it was absolutely delicious!

 We were all agreed that it was so refreshing to find a gluten free, vegetarian, processed sugar free dessert that a) tasted amazing and b) did not involve using anyform of vegetable (beetroot cake is not for everyone!) I would whole heartedly recommend this dessert for anyone not just people who have dietary requirements!

If you’d like this recipe and more head over to Rachels Blog ‘Bakerita.com’ and go nuts in the kitchen!


  1. JerseyGirl says:

    Ooo this looks great. My hubby is diabetic so to find sugar free is always good. I’m definitely into no bake as my oven is so bad here my baking is limited, which is utterly depressing #FoodieFriday

  2. The tart looks so rustic and tempting. Sugar free is a big plus for me, since I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Due to it I’m very much concerned about how much sugar I take. #FoodieFriday

  3. This looks incredible and really light which is perfect as I’m not a big fan of heavy chocolate desserts. My sister has recently had to change to her diet to gluten free too so I think I might have to try this for our next family get-together. #FoodieFriday

  4. Ky says:

    Oh wow this looks amazing! I love chocolate and raspberries, they are so good together. The fact it’s no bake is great as well.#FoodieFriday

  5. sarah says:

    Looks really yummy! I really don’t like coconut though….! #foodiefriday

  6. This looks great, and you have made it look so neat and immaculate! I can’t imagine any of my desserts ever looking this well presented (well, my one dessert. Crumble is the only one I can make). Chocolate and raspberries are such a great combination. #foodiefriday

  7. This sounds amazing and looks incredible, you’re so good at showcasing things beautifully. Chcolate and raspberries are a dream combo for me so i’ll def be trying this. #foodiefriday

  8. This looks yummy. my mum is on a gluten free diet as well. So a great recipe for her xx

  9. This looks very tasty and easy too. I love anything no-bake. #FoodieFriday

  10. This looks so absolutely delicious! I’m not much of baker but would like to try this. I do love chocolate #foodiefriday

  11. This looks so delicious and achievable. I love chocolate and raspberries more than chocolate and strawberries so this just sounds like heaven to me. #foodiefriday

  12. Ooooooooooo when the second lot of raspberries ripen up I know what I’ll be making !!!