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4 Simple Ways To Find Food Inspiration For Meals & Snacks

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*This is a collaborative post.

Sometimes, you lose a bit of inspiration in the kitchen. You’re making the same food and meals and eating the same snacks over and over again. They still taste nice, but they’re starting to get a bit boring. It means you stop looking forward to mealtimes and start worrying about what you’re going to cook tonight. 

Don’t worry, we all go through this slump! The trick is getting yourself out of it by finding some food inspiration. This is much easier than you might think – and here are some simple ways to do it: 

Food recipe boxes

You’ve definitely seen things like Gousto or Hello Fresh before, right? Who am I kidding, everyone has seen them because they’re advertised like crazy! Basically, these services let you pick different meals before sending you a box full of ingredients to cook. It’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between ready meals and home cooking. 

I need to note that this is not an ad or a sponsorship at all. It’s just my opinion that recipe boxes are excellent if you need some food inspiration. You have hundreds of different recipes to choose from and you get the cards to keep after you’ve ordered. So, you can use the cards to go to the shops and get the ingredients yourself, making the recipes again and again. Honestly, you can find some really fun recipes that you’d never considered by ordering recipe boxes, so give it a go. Most will have discounts for new customers too, so be sure to find the cheapest one to save money!


Another great way to feel inspired is by ordering a hamper or two. This is really effective if you need some new snacks in your home. You keep eating crisps or the same things, and you know it’s not healthy for you. A hamper is packed full of different food items that you might try for the very first time. 

The key to finding the best hampers is to look for things that are quite rare or unique. They contain stuff that you don’t always consider if you’re in the supermarket looking for snacks. I also think that food & drink hamper combos are the best because you get some drink inspiration too. Who knows, you could find a new bottle of wine that would pair perfectly with some of your evening meals. 

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Social media

Yep, social media is good for something after all! If you need food inspiration, look no further than places like Instagram or Pinterest. To be honest, you can even include YouTube under this heading too. It’s technically a social media site, so what the heck, let’s add it in. 

These three platforms are full of food bloggers and chefs that will constantly upload recipe ideas for you to try. The best thing is, if you start following pages on Instagram and liking food recipe posts, similar ones start appearing on your recommended screen. The same goes for Pinterest; the more food recipes you add to a board, the more you start seeing on your home page. YouTube’s algorithm is also really good at recommending similar videos after you watch certain ones. Look for some new recipe vids, and then you will soon see plenty more to check out. Whichever platforms you use, you are guaranteed to find a new source of food inspiration. 

Recipe apps

Finally, you can download a series of recipe apps that will give you plenty of inspiration for meals and snacks. These apps vary in how they work, but the most basic ones will have a catalogue of recipes to browse through. You can see new recipes as they are added, look for specific cuisines, etc. It’s such a simple way of gaining new ideas and finding different things to cook. 

However, you can also find some better recipe apps that I think hit the nail on the head perfectly. These apps are basically recipe creator apps that will take your ingredients and help you come up with a meal. It’s brilliant if you have a few things in your cupboard and fridge that need using up. Simply tell the app what you have, and it will present a few ideas. We’re starting to see more and more apps like this be developed, which is awesome as it fuels inspiration while also dealing with the problem of food waste.

And just like that, you’ve now got plenty of ways to gain added inspiration when cooking. Now, you can spice up your meals and snacks, ensuring you don’t get bored ever again.

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