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21st January 2021
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Tips To Help You Find Delicious Snacks For All The Family On The Internet

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Snacks give life some flavour, allowing us all to indulge ourselves for a time.
Still, there are snacks, and then there are snacks! Food is a broad spectrum that is absolutely tiered based on taste, so finding what’s good for you can be reasonably difficult. This is especially true online, where the options are endless and one simply Google search opens very tall floodgates! How can you narrow things down, and find just what’s right for your family?
alittle baby looking at the camera holding a piece of watermelon with both hands and biting in between her hands

Here are some tips, categorised by demographic, that might just help your time spent searching a little easier…


Your kids require an intricate snack schedule that keeps them healthy, but also allows them to experience some fun also!

The Guardian provide a list of healthy snacks that pertains to the 100-calorie limit for kids that was widely reported on in 2018, helping your children to stay healthy without banning them from the snacks entirely. Consulting the major broadsheets for food inspiration is always a great idea, as you’re guaranteed the best results in terms of research and tangible data.

However, another benefit here is that the readers of these publications often leave comments with suggestions of their own. Therefore, you’re getting a range of opinions of which snacks are best, and what other adults feed to their kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews. Chocolate corn cakes and banana and almond cakes are just some of the ideas listed in the source above, among a smattering of others. 

a plate of stacked muffins in cases


Responsible adults can be trusted in the kitchen, which gives you as the parent a distinct advantage when it comes to discovering delicious snacks.

You can consult quality sources like BBC Foods, and follow the step-by-step process of their quick snack recipes for an eventful way to spend a Sunday evening! This way, you can try out fully authenticated recipes that are guaranteed to please. However, you can also customise the recipes too, if you feel some creative inspiration and that improvements could perhaps be made.

The great thing about following a recipe and creating your own snacks is that you can have better awareness of what is going into them. Detailed ingredients are all listed, alongside all their measurements, preparation times, and cooking estimations. Fats, salts, and sugars are equally published, so it’s just a more dynamic and stimulating experience than simply ripping off some obscure packaging and wolfing down the snack.


It would be sacrilege to bring in a trove of tasty treats and exclude your endlessly lovable dog from all the fun!

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to score them some gorgeous grub. Dogs love raw food, and Bella & Duke provide a guide on raw dog food feeding to help you hit the ground running here. They’re regularly showered with praise from past customers, who excitedly provide testimonials of how much their dogs love the raw food. You’ll also find information on all the health issues that are bothering dogs lately, and how raw food helps to counter them.  In the end, Bella & Duke’s raw dog food feeding guide, and their products, all have a lot to offer.

You can serve up full raw meals for your pooch or control the portions to a snack size to give your dog a bit of extra protein day-to-day. Vegetables and berries are also included, which also make for scrumptious sacks also. Tinker and tailor however you see fit, and your best buddy will be all the happier for it!

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