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Considering a motorhome from Continental Leisure Vehicles

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As we have found ourselves in another lockdown, the need for a holiday seems to become even greater despite not being able to go anywhere.

Mr Tutu and I have spent the past few evenings chatting about what we would really like to do when the lockdown is over and Covid is under control, and what would be the ideal family holiday for us in the future?

Thinking about a motorhome

The one thing that we realised is that we have both always wanted to buy a motorhome. I think one of the main draws to this is the absolute convenience of owning one and the travel opportunities they provide.

With a young child, packing for a holiday can be hard work and needs military precision and organisation. And the thought of packing and unpacking can be a bit of a drag, to be honest. So having our own motorhome is a very attractive prospect.

We can just leave most of our belongings in there and literally grab a few essentials and go! We would get to visit parts of our country we have never seen, and stay for as long or short a time as we like – once restrictions ease. A motorhome gives you so much freedom and it’s all very exciting! It’s the most perfect way to holiday with children. Everything on hand, home from home! Comfortable and familiar and of course you can even take your dog!

Buying a Bailey of Bristol motorhome

So mission motorhome began. As we both knew very little as to what was available we began to do a little research. We each individually looked at different makes and models, what features we liked and what was important for us. One particular company stood head and shoulders above the rest for us.

We both came to the conclusion that for us Bailey of Bristol definitely had the edge and there were so many features and creature comforts we were actually blown away!

Alu-Tech construction

Mr Tutu is a bit of a safety freak (sorry Mr Tutu) but that’s a good thing really. He was very much drawn to the Bailey of Bristol range because they have Alu-Tech construction. This is an advanced construction system patented to Bailey that uses interlocking aluminium panels to hold the bodyshell together – it’s more durable and has ticked all of Mr Tutus boxes. And, believe me, he has lots of boxes!

So I’m looking at decor as this is vitally important naturally, and Mr Tutu looks at quality and safety. I guess that’s why we are such a good match!

Getting to view our new motorhome

Now ideally we would plan a day to go and view motorhomes but of course, with lockdown, all non-essential retailers are closed. So we felt a bit flat after whisking ourselves up into an excitement.

We then found that on the Bailey of Bristol website they had a Virtual Showroom for all of their caravans and motorhomes. We could do a virtual 360 tour of the motorhome we are looking to buy from the socially distanced comfort of our own home. Just fabulous and so easy to navigate that even Alyssa had a good look around as she explained she needed to choose where she would sleep.

Buying at Continental Leisure Vehicles

Our next step was to find a dealership that we felt we could trust, and when we came across Continental leisure Vehicles, a family run business that has 30 years experience in the caravan and motorhomes, we knew we had found it. Continental leisure vehicles stock various makes and models, so there is something for everyone and to our delight, they have a good range of Bailey motorhomes alongside other models from Auto-Trail and Roller Team.

The website was easy to navigate and they not only sell new motorhomes and caravans but also pre-owned motorhomes too! Finding the right motorhome is easy as there is a virtual tour of each individual one. Continental Leisure Vehicles’ attention to detail says it all and you can get a really good look at all the detail of the motorhomes they offer before getting in touch (for the new motorhomes it might be that you are looking at the display model so it wouldn’t be the exact one that you see on the screen that you receive).

So we are very excited now looking forward to getting our first motorhome and the joys of just going off at a whim wherever we want to go. Even a day trip will be so much more fun in our motorhome. And I know we will make so much more of our weekends and once this pandemic is over, we can also use it to visit all the family and friends that we have missed so much.

In the meantime, I’m going to check out the Bailey news page for updates on safe and socially distanced family fun.

Post sponsored by Bailey of Bristol.

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