#LuckyLinky Week 23
21st August 2017
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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #32
21st August 2017
As I’ve mentioned before (in “Welcome to the World – Top to Toe!”) Alyssa has really sensitive skin, but in kind of a weird way. She marks really easily – someone could tap her arm and a few seconds later there will be a red mark there. Needless to say it freaked her new nursery out this week when we went for a settling in session and she bopped herself on the head with a cushion and a huge red mark appeared – thankfully I was there to reassure them. It’s the same when she cries – 30 seconds of crying and she looks like she’s got the Measles rash all over her face. Not only does it mark easily, but it reacts easily too – thanks to this we have only ever been able to use one brand on nappies (which annoyingly isn’t the best at not leaking) and water wipes or cotton wool and water. Thanks to this, I am very wary of trying anything new involving Alyssa’s skin – I don’t ever change fabric softener or washing powder for fear of rashes etc. When it comes to Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, I try and only use ones specifically for sensitive skin and won’t try anything unless it says something like “No Nasties”…

The back of Alyssa which is naked with wet hair dripping down her back in a bath lining up three white and red bottles of bubble bath shampoo and conditioner along the side of the bath against the beige tiles

Have you heard of Good Bubble? No, neither had I if I am honest but they got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their bath products for children. I have since learned they are another prodigy of Deborah Meaden and gained investment from her through Dragons Den (I LOVE that show!) I had a quick look at their website as I wanted to check ingredients etc (so important with madam’s skin!!) and saw that they were almost 100% natural ingredients and had no nasties so I thought we could give them a go.

When trying anything new with Alyssa, I did a little patch test and popped some on the back of her neck and washed off a few minutes later but we had no reaction whatsoever so had the all clear to use them alyssa naked back to camera wet hair down her back holding up a whte and red bottle with two others lined up on the bath in front of herproperly. We tried out the Dragon fruit Shampoo & Conditioners and the Cloud Berry Bubble Bath. The bubble bath was really subtle in smell – there was a certain sweetness but not an overriding smell of any kind, but Alyssa did smell delicious when she got out. It also made really decent bubbles that lasted which I find is quite unique for a baby bath product where ironically the bubbles are usually quite pants!

Firstly, let me say how nice it is to find a hair conditioner for kids. There are a  lot of spray and leave ones which I do use to curl Alyssa’s hair and style it during the day but it was nice to find one for washing with. The smell of the shampoo and conditioners with the dragon fruit was gorgeous and strong but not overpowering if you know what I mean. Alyssa is really good with water and doesn’t mind it over her face etc so when washing her hair she does let water slide down her face. It would appear that the shampoo and conditioner don’t sting eyes as I had no complaints and she was the same as normal, waiting for me to finish and then wiping her eyes.

Alyssa in the bath with dry curly hair looking up at the camera with the three white and red bottles of bubble bath shampoo and conditioner lined up on the bath next to her

Overall, I was really impressed with Good Bubble and think that they’d be great for most babies and children – especially those with sensitive skin. They do a whole range of products and gift boxes that would be good for birth/baby shower gifts or little Christmas/Birthday presents. Good Bubble gets a big tick from us – apparently the bottles are great for practicing counting in the bath too according to Alyssa!










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  1. Leila Benhamida says:

    I would love to win Clara Good Bubble Gift Set.

  2. Clare Hubbard says:

    Dexter please

  3. iain maciver says:

    any please

  4. Margaret gallagher says:

    Clara please

  5. Annabel Greaves says:

    Clara please xx

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  7. Sue McCarthy says:

    Dexter please

  8. Jodie A Green says:

    we would be happy with either, my girls would probably say Dexter though

  9. Anthony Harrington says:

    Dexter please for my little Grandson1

  10. Michelle smith says:


  11. Solange says:

    Cara please

  12. jessica woods says:

    Dexter please

  13. Kevin Honey says:

    Clara, please

  14. Lauren Fox says:

    Dexter please

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  16. Suz says:

    Dexter please 🙂

  17. Sally Collingwood says:

    clara please

  18. Helen Stratton says:

    I would love to win Clara.

  19. Katie Skeoch says:

    Dexter please

  20. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Dexter for my grandsons

  21. carol boffey says:

    dexter please

  22. JULIE WARD says:

    Dexter, thanks

  23. astrid c says:

    any would be fab!!!! x

  24. paula cheadle says:

    I would love to win Clara Good Bubble Gift Set please

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  26. Kim Neville says:

    Dexter for my son

  27. Rebecca Powell says:

    Dexter please

  28. olivia Kirby says:

    I think Dexter! Though I like both!

  29. Lucy Carter says:

    I’d like Dexter please

  30. Hannah Wallington says:

    We would love Dexter

  31. Maria P says:

    Clara please

  32. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Either one I have a girl and boy ….. Bubbles are bubbles 😁

  33. Lucy Chester says:

    Clara please

  34. melanie stirling says:

    Dexter please.

  35. nicky pearce says:

    Clara please

  36. Donna Tomlin says:

    Dexter please

  37. Adrian Bold says:

    Clara please

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    Clara pls xxxx

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