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14th August 2017
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17th August 2017
I was so worried as a new Mama about what to use on my baby. Nothing out there seemed good enough and I spent a large amount of the last few weeks of my pregnancy, worrying about whether I had gotten everything and whether or not it would be the right thing and panicking in case it wasn’t! Obviously if she had reacted to anything it wouldn’t have been a problem as I’d have just whipped out and replaced it. As a matter of fact she did and still does react to a certain type of nappy which unfortunately due to the fact she was a tiny preemie were the only ones we could use at the time so right from birth I have been slathering her in cream and quickly switched nappies to the brand we still use today (though we have begun potty training and please shoot me now!!). Anyway, we should NOT as new mamas be having to worry about what we use on our precious babies skin. It should be an easy decision and in fact not something we should be having to spend a long time thinking about….

baby asleep wearing a neebo monitorOne brand I have always been aware of is Johnson’s and as a baby I did use their gorgeous lavender baby bath for Alyssa as I adore the power of Lavender to calm and settle a little one. Well, they’ve come to the rescue again as Johnson’s have taken their long twelve year relationship with the Royal College of Midwives even further and certain products now have a “Supported by RCM” logo on them. I mean if the Midwives are supporting it, it’s gotta be pretty damn good right?!an open box on a wooden table with Johnsons wipes and body wash inside and an information leaflet. everything is pink blue and yellow

“Both JOHNSON’S TOP-TO-TOE Baby Bath and JOHNSON’S Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes were tested in independent clinical trials carried out by midwives, and were shown to be just as safe as using water alone on newborn skin. These products are the only products clinically proven to be as mild as water* and can be used from the very first day.”


  • For a gentle and mild bath, try JOHNSON’S TOP-TO-TOE Baby Bath to gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin and hair. The only baby bath clinically proven to be as mild as water**
  • Follow with a soothing massage using JOHNSON’S TOP-TO-TOE Baby Massage Oil, which is specially developed for newborn skin, creating a light protective barrier on the skin to help maintain its natural moisture levels and help protect it from dryness.a johnsons box with a mums hand holding a baby's foot with the top toe toe bottles and logo pictured below all on a wooden table
  • When you’re on-the-go, try JOHNSON’S TOP-TO-TOE Baby Washcloths. These ready-to-use washcloths are a quick, convenient, and easy way to give your baby a gentle yet thorough all-over clean, without the need for drying, or rinsing with water.

JOHNSON’S Extra Sensitive Wipes

JOHNSON’S Extra Sensitive Wipes effectively yet gently clean everything from wet bottoms to sticky fingers and delicate faces. Formulated with a NO MORE TEARS formula, JOHNSON’S Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes are the only baby wipes clinically proven to be as mild as water on new born skin.

What’s more, JOHNSON’S Extra Sensitive Wipes have a rigid lid which allows for one-handed opening (ideal when grappling with little legs), and an innovative dispensing system that dispenses one wipe at a time.

a red haired baby crawling ona white surfboard on the sand with a wave in the back ground and the sun to one side smiling at the camera

I did use cotton wool and luke warm water on my little one for the first 6 months and let me tell you it wasn’t that easy to do primarily because if you have a baby in need of an emergency change, it’s not like it’s all ready and set up for you. I’d also have to take out a bottle of warm water in a thermos for changes because weirdly I discovered that a lot of baby changing facilities DON’T have warm water or warm water taps – so random. Knowing that Johnson’s Top-to-Toe is safe to use right from birth AND approved by the RCM fills me with a lot of confidence in the product. I know that if I am ever fortunate to have another little one, I won’t be spending longer than two seconds thinking about what I am going to be using on my newborn. I’m sure I’ll find something else to worry about instead!


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  1. Margaret gallagher says:

    Johnston’s only one I TRUST with little ones delicate skin

  2. Solange says:

    I used Aveeno.

  3. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  4. Michelle smith says:

    Johnsons all the way it’s the best brand

  5. Michaela says:

    Hello .. I have two new grand-babies on the way one in August, one in October , I would love to win johnsons products as I will be looking after them both whilst parents go to work .. love the smell of johnsons on newborns:-)

  6. Kim Neville says:

    Johnsons bedtime wash and shampoo

  7. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    I always used Johnsons

  8. Leila Benhamida says:

    I used Johnson babies for both my children.

  9. Jodie A Green says:

    ive used Johnsons on all 6 of mine, number 7 is due in December and i wouldnt go to nay other brand!

  10. Naila says:

    Johnsons is a great brand, thanks for the chance x

  11. Tracy Nixon says:

    Always Johnston’s!

  12. Judith Allen says:

    Water and Johnson’s. Seems so long ago now, scary really.

  13. Hayley Colburn says:

    For my first it was johnsons and ifacare, then I got a bit less cautious and used asda little angels (they’d been given loads of mother and baby awards) for our second, with Mia now I use whatever is on offer to be providing its a trusted brand

  14. astrid c says:

    my baby loves johnsons x

  15. Susan B says:

    Crikey. I don’t remember exactly what I used but there wasn’t the range or the science available that new mums have today. Trusted brands such as Johnson’s are always reassuring, though.

  16. Tracy Gladman says:

    Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath

  17. Ruth Harwood says:

    mostly Johnsons xx

  18. Michaela Campbell says:

    Everything Johnson’s apart from what I put in the bath, I use oilatum as its the only thing that helps my daughters dry skin! Costs a fortune tho

  19. Lynn Hughes says:

    Johnsons Baby Powder

  20. olivia Kirby says:

    Boots own brand normally

  21. Meryl Thomas says:

    I used Johnsons baby products

  22. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I used Johnsons products, I really liked the bed time body wash it was lovely

  23. Hannah Wallington says:


  24. jackie curran says:

    Johnsons or infacare

  25. Elizabeth Yeates says:

    Always johnsons baby bath

  26. Theresa Thomas says:

    I used Johnsons products

  27. Jo McPherson says:


  28. donna l jones says:


  29. Fiona jk42 says:

    I’ve used Johnson’s, Aveeno, Simple and Mum & Me. I also won some baby toiletries from Urtekram which were lovely to use, very gentle.

  30. Adrian Bold says:

    I used Johnson

  31. Hayley Todd says:

    I am currently using Johnson’s. I have used it on all my children to be honest.

  32. nicky pearce says:

    always used johnsons, only the best will do

  33. JULIE WARD says:

    Used what ever was on offer at supermarket or chemist

  34. amanda greensmith says:

    i always used Johnsons

  35. Jennifer Baker says:

    Always used Johnsons x

  36. Emma Louise Elliott says:

    I already use this actually so it would be great to stock up xxx

  37. natalee gosiewski says:

    lavender baby bath and johnsons baby shampoo

  38. S. Harper says:


  39. Carly Belsey says:

    I use Johnsons on my kids still now, it smells lovely

  40. Karen Scott says:

    I use Johnsons actually as I love the smells and leaves baby smelling so beautiful

  41. Sarah Austin says:

    I’m having my first baby so am all new to this but know Johnson’s has a good reputation!

  42. lynn neal says:

    Johnsons for me!

  43. paula cheadle says:

    I always used Johnsons

  44. Ben Robb says:


  45. Nuala R says:


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