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What About Your Winter Wellness

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
How do you do in Winter? I seem to have been ill pretty much since September and that doesn’t include being really ill back in June too. Twice in this latter half of the year I have nearly ended up in hospital and the rest of the time I have simply felt sniffly and run down and in desperate need of a sunbed somewhere warm. I don’t think I have ever been as ill as I have this year and of course the fact that I am terrible at self-care does not help. Recently I was extremely fortunate enough to virtually meet Louise Westra, who is an award winning online Naturopath and Health Coach.  She told me all about her Winter Wellness Box and it’s homeopathic remedies to which I am very open and often use on both myself and my daughter. She sent me the box to try out a few weeks ago and the results have been amazing.

As I said, Louise Westra has been in the industry for many years and whether you need more energy, want to make healthier choices or deal with other health challenges, she is here to help with that. She helps people to stop crashing and burning and take both themselves and their business to the next level.

We began chatting when we met per chance in a networking group and I agreed to try her brand new Winter Wellness Box. What is it? It is a box full of homeopathic remedies designed to get you through the Winter in one piece, avoiding all these nasty coughs and colds. All the curated chosen items in the box, are brands and choices that Louisa has used and trusted for many years for her own use and with her 1 to 1 clients.

The standard Winter Wellness box includes 6 items, which as I said, Louisa has used and trusted for many years including;

*An Essential Oil Mix

*A herbal based winter tonic to be used to treat or as a preventative measure for colds and sniffles / An Ivy-Thyme Tincture Mix

*Louisa’s favourite supplement which is a great decongestant

*An Echinacea hot drink

*A Gel with decongesting oils

*Lozenges to soothe

I have been using all these products for a number of weeks and can definitely feel an improvement and a boost in my immune system. After an awful few weeks in September with a horrific chest infection, I became ill again back in November but it went within a day or two and all of these supplements definitely helped me push through. I actually stopped taking them for a while which is when I noticed I felt worse/ill again so definitely noticed the difference.

I particularly like the Echinacea hot drink which is really mild in taste but very soothing and love popping some of the essential oil mix in my oil burner and letting the beautiful calming smell float through the entire house and soothe my family too. Alyssa has been having sniffle problems too and I have been giving her some of the Ivy-Thyme Tincture mix too which has definitely made a difference.

This standard Winter Wellness box is available for £78.95 and will see you through the whole Winter. When you add up the price of prescriptions and add in the peace of mind that you’re not having to request yet more antibiotics, this box is well worth the investment in a little self-care.

Louise does also offer a bespoke option which she kindly offered me too. Instead of the Ivy-Thyme Tincture, you receive a 30 minute call with Louise where she discusses your health concerns and what you’d like to focus on for the Winter. I discussed with her the weakness in my chest and how ill I had been recently. She talks very soothingly through everything and then but a few days later, through the post came my bespoke Winter Wellness Box. Included is a sealed homemade tonic which Louise especially designed for me, with all the things that my body needs to help prevent me becoming so ill through the winter again.

I am not going to lie, it didn’t taste great, but that is primarily because I am not keen on aniseed. However, it is just a few mls a day and honestly I can see that this is well worth the extra money and going bespoke. This has made the biggest difference. My cough has finally cleared up and I have definitely felt a lot better in myself. The tonic came with a note and full instructions as well as an ingredient list of everything in it.

The bespoke Winter Wellness Box experience is £175 which is a small investment for good health over the Winter period. For more information or to make a bespoke Winter Wellness enquiry, email Louise Westra.


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