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5 simple ways to save a little more money in 2020

*This is a collaborative post.
We all know that Christmas – although the most wonderful time of the year – is also one of the most expensive. Even when you’re strict and stick to a budget as best you can, we often find ourselves financially stretched into January. We deny ourselves large purchases, we don’t splurge on any more treats and we try to find ways to have cheap and cheerful weekends. Tightening our belts and being a little more careful with our money makes sense after a month of spending and large outgoings.
Well, if you’re already getting that frugal feeling, then read on for 5 simple ways to save a little more money in 2020.

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Shop around!

It sounds pretty obvious, but so many of us shop at the same supermarket or use the same brands and chain stores simply out of habit! If you really want to make your money go further than shopping around for the cheapest price is certainly the way to go. Even the cost of little things such as toys, stationary, cleaning products and ink cartridges – check out printerinks.com ink cartridges for low prices – can all be compared so you can make a better informed decision and save yourself some money!

No more takeaways!

The average amount a family spends on takeaways in a month, is staggering! Especially when you think of all the other things that money could be spent on. We all like a takeaway after a busy week at work and with the kids, so it’s not easy to give it up. So, consider indulging in a takeaway once or twice a month instead or even recreating your favourite pizzas, curries and Chinese dishes at home.

Cheap and cheerful days out

We all know how expensive days out with the kids can be. From swimming to activities at the local leisure centre, bowling, cinema trips etc – it all quickly adds up. So, instead of blowing your monthly budget, opt for cheap or better still, free family activities and days out. Try a trip to your local museum or place of interest that only requests a donation rather than an entry free. Try art galleries, reduced entry fee afternoons at soft play centres or just an old fashioned family walk!piggy bank with money round it

Create weekly meal plans

Heading into a supermarket to do your weekly shop without a plan is simply asking for trouble! Before you know it, you’ll be standing at the till utterly gobsmacked at how much you’ve spent. Creating a weekly meal plan for the whole family will encourage you to stay on list and only buy what you need to create the meals you’ve chosen. When you’re selecting your every day items such as bread and milk etc, try the supermarket own brands and save a few extra pence on your weekly shop.

Utilise what you can get for free!

From magazines to newspapers, even children’s books, all of these things are either available online or at your nearest library. If you have the opportunity to get something for free – why pay for it!?




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