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11th August 2016
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13th August 2016

The Couponer In Me: Tesco Discount Vouchers!

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Before becoming a parenting, lifestyle, food or whatever “niche” I fit into, I originally thought I’d try making it as a discount/money/savings blogger…. of course the reality that I am crap with money soon set in and I realised that this wasn’t going to happen. Luckily I began writing about my baby girl and discovered that that was where my true passion lay. Nevertheless, I am still all about saving money and as a single mummy it is all the more important as I try to make sure my daughter has everything I’d like her to have. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn a few tips and tricks for saving….

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Now, I am a WAHM who likes to have noise in the background even if I don’t actually register it so quite often have the television on in the background. My total guilty pleasure is the channel TLC – I absolutely love Extreme Couponing and even wrote a post about it a while back called “Americanisms: UK Extreme Couponing!” As I mentioned in this previous post, we will never ever be able to coupon and save money like the Americans do because our shops and supermarkets would never let us. However, having followed quite a few freebie/coupon/saving groups and bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, I do see some absolutely amazinwoman sat typing on a laptpg savings!

When I was trying to make all these savings and even now (especially towards the end of the month) I try to do what shopping I can online as you are much more likely to save as there are a hell of a lot of online discount codes available to use. I once managed to combine 2 offers and get Body Shop Products at 90% off… amazing and great gifts!! Now, one of the biggest expenses that can happen in any household is the supermarket. It’s not like we can avoid it completely as let’s face it we have to eat, but we can reduce how much we are spending when we do our big shop or even top-up shops to see us through!

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Once they introduced the price brand guarantee, my general choice of supermarket has been Tesco especially as they are one of the few that deliver out to my village in the middle of nowhere. Once I have got my shopping basket full, I always used to do a google search to see if I could find any decent discount codes I could use. Well, I don’t do this anymore because I have stumbled upon a whole load of Tesco Discount Vouchers that I can use each and every time!

MY FAVOURITE VOUCHER CODES have a whole set of Tesco promo codes and Tesco Discount Vouchers that I can use every time  shop. I always head over there before beginning a shop to see what awesome offers they have and make a note of anything I’d like to get and then head over and fill my basket. Once done I go back to the Tesco Discount Vouchers tab and get the discount codes to enter and BOOM… money saved, job done!


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Do you do your shopping online? If so don’t forget to pick up your Tesco Discount Vouchers now!


This is a collaborative post.



  1. I don’t shop very often online. But when I go back to work in a few weeks we will be doing it online as it will be much easier. I still haven’t done the family shop on my own yet with baby girl! As I work at Tescos I have always shopped there. TBH its my home from home!
    TLC is my fav channel! I love Extreme couponers it’s unbeliveable what people can save! Shame we don’t have that amount of coupons over here in the UK. xx


  2. I always do my Tesco shopping online (I live really close to a Tesco but it saves the tantrums!). I never knew about MY FAVOURITE VOUCHER CODE and never thought to google codes for my Tesco shop but I will defiantly be looking them up every week now. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

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