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13th August 2016
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15th August 2016

Where’s That Memo Gone?!

a wall of post-it notes
Is there anyone else who has this problem…. I have a bit of a thing for stationary! Okay, I reaaaaallllllyyyyy like it which in everyday life is fine because I have a little notebook to write shopping lists in and stuff like that. However, when I started “blog working” I went in to overdrive and somehow accumulated 5 notebooks, a wall calendar and every kind of post-it note there is. Now I don’t do the sensible thing of using one and then moving onto the next… oh no! I make it super difficult for myself by using whichever one is closest to hand and permanently using post-it notes as I go and sticking them here there and everywhere. The trouble with this is that I tend to not be able to find some of the information I need and have collected easily or sometimes at all! I don’t think my obsession with stationary is going to end anytime soon, but IDBS have come up with a new campaign for the work environment which I think I should definitely try to get on board with…

a pile of papers


You’d think being a blogger which basically revolves around my connection to technology that I would be paperless – but no I do still use a hell of a lot of paper!! Don’t get me wrong there are certain things that I have tried electronically that just don’t work for me – for example I still always have  a paper diary/organiser because I prefer to be able to have it front of me (I still prefer books to e-books too!!) However, I think there is a lot to be said for going paperless at work – I don’t need to have a million post-it notes flying around the house because I have the post-it note app on my phone and on my laptop. I don’t need a million pretty notebooks (they’re soooo pretty) because I do infact have an online notebook again linked to both my phone and laptop that I can use… but I don’t and I am not sure why!

notebook and tablet

This new campaign headed up by IDBS is a really good idea because actually if I stopped to think about how many trees I had destroyed in my quest to own and use every single pretty notebook in existence I would probably be horrified! IDBS suggest using an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which connects your whole organisation and is a way of sharing and communicating what you would normally do, even in this day and age, through paper! Obviously I am not a big corporation (yet… blogger world takeover incoming haha) but I completely get the concept and think it is a great idea!

a wall of post-it notesThis idea really inspired me and rather than buying yet more notebooks and post-it notes, I opened up my laptop and opened and set up a few spreadsheets to record all the lists I needed to make. I opened up and left post-it notes running so that I always have that to hand. I also opened and now keep open evernote which is linked to all of my devices meaning that I have my notes around me always wherever I go… you never know when you are going to have to sit in a car randomly for an hour to ensure your uncooperative bubba gets the nap she so desperately needs! This will be me trying to kick my stationary habit… the only thing I will be keeping is my planner as a girl can’t go completely cold turkey ya’know!



coffee and a laptop


Do you think you could go paperless?


This is a collaborative post.


  1. Have you tried Trello? It’s a really good free bit of software (just google it and you’ll find it) I use it at work all the time and LOVE it. Don’t need to download anything as it’s like a web application. It’s basically like creating a postit note wall – you can move them from one section to the next or archive etc and have different headings. It revolutionised my worklife without a doubt and meant less paper and more collaboration etc xx #triballove

  2. ohlucy says:

    Nothing is quite the same as the feeling of a fresh notebook under your pen though! Haha xx Lucy #triballove

  3. I always have a hard time wiry this because like you I enjoy having ano organizer in front of me that I can touch. My office is scattered in post-its. I have a hard time remembering without it. #TribalLove

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