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4 home hacks to clean your glass roof (in time for Christmas!)

*This is a collaborative post.
With Christmas just around the corner, keeping your home clean and ready for the festive season is important. You’ve got guests galore and lots of evenings where you might be hosting a buffet or throwing a dinner party in your home. An area that is commonly ignored in the home is the roof of your conservatory or on a lantern roof in your Exeter home.

Prepare a soapy solution

When it comes to removing months and possibly years of grime and dirt, you want to prepare yourself with a solution that is going to help remove it all in one go. Soap is a great remover of dirt, so get some washing up liquid into a bowl or use a general surface cleaner. Mix this up with some hot water straight from the kettle and give it a good stir in order to mix the two together. It’s best to apply the solution straight onto the surface and let the soapy solution sit for a few minutes so that it seeps into the dirt on top of the glass. Take a kitchen scourer to remove the top layer of dirt and then a cloth to clean the glass. You don’t want to scratch the glass, so be mindful of when you’ve washed all the dirt way.

Use a telescopic brush

Getting up onto the roof of the conservatory or lantern may not be possible without the aid of a ladder. So, if you’re not able to, a telescopic brush can work well in helping you reach the roofing, without having to really see what you’re doing. These brushes have strong bristles that will work to rub away the dirt but won’t scratch the glass. The brushes usually extend to, and so it makes reaching those areas higher up, a lot easier than having to stretch and potentially hurt yourself in the process.

Get in a professional

If you are not one who likes to clean or perhaps just doesn’t have the time to, then getting a window cleaner or a professional in to clean the roofing every so often is going to help keep on top of it as and when it needs doing. Not all of us have the time to clean our homes and so having a window cleaner to come around and clean the windows is standard practice for most homes. A lot of window cleaners will be more than willing to clean glass roofing but may charge an additional fee.

Clean with coffee filters or newspaper

If you’ve not got any paper towels available, then you will find that other household items can help with cleaning your glass windows. Coffee filter paper and newspapers are just as effective when trying to clean dirt from the glass. Newspaper is also effective when cleaning glass with glass cleaner as it leaves no streaks behind.


Make your glass or conservatory roofing a priority this Christmas and use these hacks to help remove it quickly and effectively. If all else fails, getting a professional in is less of a hassle.

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