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7th September 2017
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10th September 2017

We’re Not Back to School… Yet!

Now you’re probably sat there thinking I’ve gone absolutely loop the loop because I am still a good two years away from sending my little one off to school which believe me is coming around much quicker than I had anticipated anyway. However, we’re kind of getting swept away with the whole back to school thing anyway because Alyssa has just started nursery for the first time and cousin Rowan is heading up to a brand new secondary school. So obviously Alyssa got a few new bits for nursery including some good, waterproof shoes and some “play clothes” which I can only imagine what she is going to get down them and some hair bands as we’ve never really tied up her hair before but I don’t want her to forever be pushing out of her face. Also, Dobell a mens and boyswear company asked us if we’d like to review some of their shoes for the Back to School season and I thought what a perfect thing to gift Rowan (along with some funky pens) to start his new year at school. So we offered to review a pair….

We went on the Dobells website and were able to choose from a the whole range of shoes. Initially we chose a pair (I say we because he had a look as did his mummy) from the boys range but he does have rather large feet for an 11 year old (size 7 already!!) so we headed over to the men’s section where we picked the lovely Dobell Black Loafers priced at £39.99 which all things considered is a total bargain for school shoes – I am of course no expert on this subject.

I must say they arrived quite quickly (in plenty of time for school starting) and were nicely packaged and had that lovely new shoe smell which is a definite reminder (along with bouquets of sharpened pencils) that another school year has almost begun – maybe it’s a teacher thing! He slipped them on and they were a little narrower than we had expected but that was part of the design and wasn’t problematic at all. He took them home, a happy camper and wore them round the house for a few days in order to break them in for school.

We’re now 3 days into the new school term and Rowan informed us all on the first day about how much walking he has to do and how far some of his classrooms are away from each other (he was slightly unimpressed by this I assure you) but had no complaints about the shoes. In fact he said absolutely nothing which I am taking as a really good sign as no news is always good news and they are obviously super comfy!

Thanks so much to Dobells for sending us these rather smart and handsome shoes that won’t only be good for school but also any smart/special occasions we have coming up in the future. Hopefully these shoes will last him a good while and we’ll be back again to purchase some more in the next size up next year… if his feet don’t grow too much before then!

*We were sent the shoes for the purposes of a review  – all opinions are our own.

Edited Note – Rowan began school on September 4th. On October 9th I received the picture below from my sister of the shoes reviewed above. He is not a child that plays sport (unless he needs to for P.E ) so these shoes have worn down in a month of walking around school. Unfortunately I would not buy another pair from Dobells when they last for such a short amount of time.



  1. Kerrie Davis says:

    Really awful to break down in such a short amount of time

  2. Wow thats terrible, they looked such a smart pair of shoes as well.

  3. Sam says:

    Oh that’s such a shame – trust me, I know how expensive all of the school stuff is and if I’d have bought these shoes and had the same experience, I’d have been gutted. School shoes especially need to be even more robust than normal shoes given how frequently they’re worn. Such a disappointing thing to happen a month into term ?

  4. Emma says:

    Gosh, that is shocking how quickly those shoes have worn through!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh dear! They should last longer than that. Rian’s Clarks usually last the whole year and he’s 6!

  6. Bridie By The Sea says:

    Oh my goodness that’s awful! Poor Rowan but thank you for such an honest review, one to note for when Em starts school x

  7. That’s so bad and they weren’t particularly cheap either. Such a’shame as they looked well made.

  8. Oh my goodness that’s awful! I’ve never seen a pair of shoes do that!

  9. Oh gosh, I know children have a habit of getting through shoes quickly, but I’d expect them to last a lot longer than that! What a shame; a brand to avoid.

  10. It’s a shame about the shoes – they should really last longer than that!

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