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18th September 2017
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28th September 2017
I’m quite organised when it comes to food – I like to plan ahead. In fact, the further ahead I can plan the better if I am honest. I hate getting to the end of a day and thinking “oh God, what am I going to make for dinner!” Primarily because this usually means I’ll grab some sort of crap from the freezer and bung it in the oven and hope for the best (which in all honesty explains my appalling waistline!) I love to cook but in all honesty sometimes I just don’t have the energy. I do much better with slow cooker meals as I can get it all done first thing in the morning and then lazily dish it up come the evening. However, casseroles and stews can get a bit boring after a while can’t they?! Now though, new company on the block Thyme, have decided to cut us all some slack and allow us to eat tasty and nutritious food the easy way – we just have to “bung it in the oven!”

In case you haven’t heard of them, allow me to explain. Thyme is a food company founded by a guy called Craig who’s mission in life is all about food.

“We understand that a busy family life sometimes means that good food can fall by the wayside. Not anymore.a white bowl on a white and grey wooden floor with a few different green herbs in including rosemary and thyme

Our mission is to make it easier for your family to eat better. All our food is prepared fresh, exactly like you would at home, if only you had the time. Then we freeze it. We freeze for freshness and convenience, nothing else. There’s no need for nasty preservatives and it’s ready when you are.

And to make life even easier we deliver your order directly to your door in its very own thyme capsule; mini portable freezers that keep your food frozen for up to 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry about anything defrosting.”

a small clear glass with a green drink inside and a striped straw sticking out to the left on a plain white tableYeah I know… it really is that awesome. When I lived in Sicily, I used to work as a teacher from 2.30pm til 9pm. There was no way I’d ever want to cook at that time of night so at the weekends I used to batch cook homemade meals and then freeze them. Then before leaving for work I used to take one out of the freezer and pop it in the fridge, ready for when I got home but now I don’t even need to do that because Thyme will do it all for you!

They have a huge range of products (including some yummy vegetarian dishes for my family too) and were kind enough to send us a few to try. First up we were sent lots of their delicious smoothies to try – perfect for a wake-up and shake-up healthya white bowl with a yellow smoothie inside topped with fruits and nuts breakfast. I tried a couple in various ways and they’re really simple to make. So you take the bag of pre-mixed fruit and vegetables from the freezer (this was a “Get up and Go Go”) and the mix it with 200ml of a liquid of your choice. Depending on the flavours in the smoothie, I tried mixing with both milk and fresh orange juice both of which worked really well and they tasted delicious! I also had a go at making a smoothie bowl too (I know get me right?!!) and used the “Share Your Passion” smoothie mix with some greek yogurt, as I needed a thicker consistency and then topped with some Chia Seeds, Almond a white plate with a square of cooked cheesy vegetable lasagna and a fork next to it flakes, mango and raspberry! I actually preferred it this way as I felt like I was sitting down to a proper meal and it was delicious and vibrant in flavour.

We were also sent some delicious vegetarian meals to try including Macaroni cheese (which you can see above) in a larger family style portion and an individual roasted vegetable lasagna. Whilst not overly creative in choice for a vegetarian (pretty much what EVERY pub/restaurant chooses to feed us veggies) they were yummy and definitely did not taste frozen at all. We paired them with a handful of the garlic roasted sweet potato chunks which were yummy and Alyssa would have kept on eating these all evening!

A bulb of garlic with cloves missing and crushed garlic coming out of a press all on a chopping board

So next time you get to 5.30pm and think “Awww crap I’ve no idea what to do for dinner!” why not take a browse over at Thyme and give yourself a week or two off from the added pressure and worry of finding “Thyme” to cook in amongst the million and one other things we have to find the time to do.
If you do try them, please do give me a shout and let me know what you think!

*I was sent the  food items in order to review ItsThyme.co.uk – all opinions are my own



  1. donna says:

    These look yummy don’t they? I love cooking, but I’m so unorganised, it’s one thing I’m trying to work on! #foodiefriday

  2. This sounds great, perfect for those of us with busy lives #foodiefriday

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