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I am by no means a fashionista. I am not on trend, on fleek or even cool if it’s even cool to use cool anymore which I am not even sure it is. I think I became a mum and quite happily slipped into mum mode when it comes to hair and fashion and have been quite comfortable there ever since. That was until almost a year ago when I emerged back onto the dating scene (funny stories with Harsh Realities of POF Dating) and realised that my mum bun, leggings and tent tops just weren’t going to cut it. So I started to take a little more interest in what I was flinging onto my body and still am. So I thought I’d do a little round-up of what is out there on the market at the moment for plus-sized women or mamas like me!

blue floral trousers and silver high-heeled shoes

Okay, so I wear all sorts of styles and clothes, especially in the summer as I am not overly happy with my body image as you know and so I like to try out lots of different styles and items for different occasions from running around a park with Alyssa to going out for dinner with the now boyfriend (can read about our First Date.)rose gold espadrilles and aviator style glassesblack and white off the shoulder top with a chunky silver necklace

I am absolutely loving what JD Williams have got in for the summer season at the moment, especially when it comes to holiday-wear. I went through their site and chose a few items I will definitely (hopefully) be able to rock this summer. One look I really love is the off-the-shoulder look or I think Bardot tops is what they are all. Now, there is no question about me needing to wear a bra, but I can slip the straps down slightly or wear a multi-way which helps. So I adore this spotted print bardot style top which is flowy and will allow me to show a little skin without flashing all my cleavage but also hanging down nicely to conceal the stomach which I’m currently battling!

black and cream tankini being worn by a modelI will team it with maybe a pair of long shorts or cropped trousers and these AH-MAY-ZING rose gold, shiny espadrilles which are gorgeous but also are deceptively stretchy meaning that they fit wide-fit feet and will expand if your feet happen to in the hot weather!

black button up plus sized dressAlyssa will of course want to spend a huge amount of time in the water this summer and I won’t get away with it just being in our back garden the whole time which means we will be hitting the beach and the pool. I recently wrote about not feeling too confident doing this (read From the Sidelines)  but that I wouldn’t let my size stop me from doing things with Alyssa that she wanted/asked me to do because she wouldn’t remember my size but she would remember us doing things together. Of course there are things that can help and the Magisculpt Underwired Shaping Tankini that  I found on JD Williams is perfect. It sucks me in, avoids any overhang and I don’t have to skulk passed people quite so much!

Of course, it’s not just here I found some great finds. I love using Love The Sales as well and found some great bargains over there. A little bit like hunting through a sale rack BUT less people jostling you out of the way to get to the good stuff. They go all the way up to size 32 if you’re looking for some great bargains and I found some gorgeous, brilliant for summer bargains.

Can’t forget accessories, especially when the majority of the time, it doesn’t matter what size you are, accessories will last you a life-time, as long as you look after them. My absolute favourite accessory for summer is of course a decent pair of sunglasses. I found some great choices from SmartBuy Glasses which was a nice surprise. Plus if you’re looking for Designer Glasses then they are definitely worth checking out! I actually ended up opting for these gorgeous, over-sized Gucci sunglasses just because they made me feel a bit Audrey Hepburn… well I can dream, can’t I?!


black gucci sunglasses

All in all I think  I am totally ready to rock the summer as both a mama and someone who quite unbelievably is almost a year into a relationship with a man she adores. I am very much looking forward to days on the beach and evenings of dinner in the garden or alfresco somewhere lovely and looking pretty good too!


  1. Anne Sweet says:

    Being ‘body confident’ is all about wearing the clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you are a bigger size then I’ve found JD Williams have great fitting clothes.

  2. Kate Holmes says:

    Loved the classic looking tankini in particular. I am losing weight and on track to be so much smaller by Christmas. Keep looking at plus size stuff though aware I am going to have to adapt to the reality of my smaller self soon as trousers keep falling down! There should be super stylish clothing for all sizes – nothing worse than feeling frumpy as well as having weight issues #ABlogginggoodTime

  3. Love this topic! Visiting you from the blogging good time link up. laurensparks.net

  4. Sarah-Marie says:

    The spotty bardot top is lovely! Good luck with getting back into the dating world again. #ABloggingGoodTime