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22nd December 2017
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It’s no secret that I love to cook (obviously if you are a regular here you will have seen my kitchen section) and it is no secret in our family that the kitchen is largely my domain. I do love to cook and think I am a bit of a feeder truth be told but I love the feeling I get when people eat my food and really enjoy it. Having low self confidence, I think the compliments I get for my cooking is like food for my soul – though everyone has off days! Now, when it comes to gifts I find people are often reluctant to give gifts that come under the heading of a home and kitchen appliance and actually I think that’s largely due to the outrage women often show at receiving them or the fact that men give a hoover rather than a nice shiny kitchen gadget. However, I personally would LOVE a whole bunch of lovely kitchen gadgetry and bits and so I teamed up with Von Shef to bring you just 5 of my Christmas wishes…

Parisian Copper Cocktail Set

Now, a little known fact about me is that I am actually a trained cocktail waitress and worked as one of a few years to put myself through university. I have always enjoyed having one and making them too (my absolute favourite is a long island iced tea) and we always have a bash at a few at Christmas and so I am absolutely crushing on this beautiful 9 Piece Copper Parisian Cocktail Making Set. How gorgeous is it?!? You can pick it up here if you like it as much as me!

Dual Belgian Waffle Maker

Don’t ask me why, but I have always had a thing about waffles and as nice as they are, the ones that go in your toaster are NEVER as good as making your own fresh. Of course if I had one of these Dual Belgian Waffle Makers it would do my waistline no favours whatsoever because I’d probably be having them at least once every day. HOWEVER, I have been wanting a waffle iron for ages and if you’re the same as me then you should definitely look at getting yourself one right here!

Mini Slate Cheeseboards

For those who follow my food posts closely, you’ll know that I adore cheese. I may in fact actually live for cheese or as I told a friend recently, “Cheese may actually be my life force and is definitely responsible for at least 3 of my dress sizes!” I even wrote An Ode to Cheese which you should really read – be nice! Anyway, I also have a lot of cheese friends and it is nice to sit around and eat cheese, drink wine, eat a bit more cheese and put the world to rights. So, if I had this gorgeous 6 Piece Set of Mini Slate Cheeseboards we’d also get to nibble (okay scoff) our cheese in style! You can grab yourself a set here.

Copper Milk Frother

Now, for those of you that are avid watchers of Instagram stories, you will know that I am a big Costa and Starbucks fan and at one point was possible having a few too many. My go to drink is a Skinny Latte – I just find it so warm and comforting. However, I am now trying to save money and cut back a bit because let’s face it these drinks are not cheap. Trouble is, I cannot make a good latte at home and one of these gorgeous Copper Milk Frothers, apart from looking really pretty, would also being incredibly handy and I’d be able to make Nonna some cappuccinos too! If you’re reading mum, you can buy it here #justsaying

Icing Gun & Biscuit Set

I do a lot of baking. Especially at birthdays and Christmas. I don’t think I am amazing but I can make a mean biscuit and a fluffy cake but where I tend to fall down is when it comes to the decoration and do you know why that is?! It’s because I don’t have this absolutely amazing Icing Gun and Biscuit Set! I saw it and was instantly like oh my goodness how amazing is this I have to have it?! How much easier than an icing bag does that look and its got loads of different patterns you can do too. This could seriously take my baking up a notch and yours too people so get one here!

an aga in the background and in the foreground out of focus cakes

So there you have it – My Christmas Kitchen Wish List! I know it might seem silly but its the same as buying someone things for their hobby isn’t it?! It just so happens that my hobby is rather delicious and in return for any of these I am of course willing to share cheese, cocktails and baked goods!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

*This is a collaborative post.

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