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22nd December 2017
My Christmas Kitchen Wish List
22nd December 2017
I had so many hobbies when I was a child and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do so many. A lot of them were performance based from eight years of baton twirling to weekly singing lessons to singing groups and dance classes. My sister and I also enjoyed  doing lots at home together from making dens outside to playing dolls. We had some absolutely classic toys including a huge tub of lego that would keep us occupied for hours and I adored my fashion wheel (anyone remember that??!) and we had a bajillion board games including the classic Dream Phone! One thing I really enjoyed was the kits and crafts you could get like Make Your Own Candles and I was fortunate enough to have my own pottery wheel with clay I could just bake in the oven and then glaze whatever I made – relatives ended up with ALOT of little dishes I can tell you. When I was asked if I’d like to review the new Pottery Cool Studio I was delighted as I think we need more of these toys and less technology for our children! Let’s get them messy again…

So, Pottery Cool does basically what it says on the box – it is a cool new way for kids to have a go at clay crafting at home. Let me give you the low down on the product first. So, it comes in a very bright pink and purple box with some girls on the box doing pottery. I’d like to say that I think the packaging is a bit off because this is a very gender neutral toy that I know my nephew would absolutely love (and in fact I am giving him one of these for Christmas) but the packaging does suggest that this is a girls toy and is aimed at them.

The kit comes with your very own potters wheel/stand, a water spray bottle, carving and other tools, ten different paints and enough clay for 6 different projects is what they estimate and it looks about right. As a side note, you can buy extra clay and “projects” separately to add to the kit.

The clay comes in little discs and actually dries in the open air which is great with kids because it means they aren’t making dangerous attempts to use the oven when we aren’t looking all because they wanted to finish their pots! I love that they have even thought to include a water bottle at obviously you need to keep the clay moist. There are also instructions and steps to follow for each little project including making their own phone holder – how cool is that!

Apart from the design of the box, I actually think this product is really worth while and it is nice to see kits like this making a bit of a comeback. The box does also kind of suggest there will be things like beads and jewels to decorate projects with but there aren’t it is just the paints. Apart from the awful gender stereotyping of the box, I think this is a great toy for older kids and definitely one to pop on the birthday or Christmas list!

If you’d like to buy a Pottery Cool Studio you can buy one here!

*We were sent the pottery cool for the purposes of the review – all opinions are our own and there are NO affiliate links

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