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#LionessMama : Wild & Wonderful Instagram Community

I love Instagram – before blogging I never ever used it even though I had the obligatory account that everyone sets up but loads never use! However, discovering Instagram was amazing for me and I love scrolling through and being nosy at other peoples lives… some days it even makes me feel like I’ve been out and left the house! Another thing I love about Instagram is the amazing communities that have formed and span across the globe. I love joining in with #WorldofLittles with White Camellias or #LittleFierceOnes with Aby and Amy or #ThisMamaLoves with Just Saying Mum.However, these communities brought out an awfully competitive side in me…every week I’d hope and pray that one of my photos would be featured, but apart from a mention, they never have. It made me wonder what was wrong with them? However, looking at the photography that is share on these wonderful communities, mine pales in comparison… whilst my photos are okay and sometimes even really good, they don’t really have that special look that all of those featured do. Part of this is because all my pictures are taken on my dodgy phone and the other is because actually I like to share not so perfect pictures that make me smile or feel happy, proud, sad, intrigued and much more. So thinking cap went on…



Welcome to the community for Instagram. Parenting, it’s a jungle out there. This community is inspired by the ’s that keep us sane on *those* days where your cubs have drawn on the walls, then bitten the neighbour’s cat…and the LONG sleepless nights. We may be exhausted but we are proud, fierce and rocking motherhood. If a doesn’t have wine and chocolate she may eat you. We are Instagram lovers, and whilst we love and want to see rose tinted filters and perfectly planned aesthetic setup this # is also for haggard headshots and crying children that are doing your head in.

When you are bloody tired and need the parental pack to remind you that you are NOT alone and about to be eaten by a wilder beast. Locked yourself in the toilet to hide from y20161017_131658our kids. Were here. It’s also for funny snaps, to remind ourselves that it’s not all sick and screaming. I ripped my knickers on a zip line at the park, shared it on social media and was met with a chuckle. That chuckle kept me going through a day of tantrums. Proud of your little cubs for climbing a table or actually wearing clothes? Share it. Each week, we will pick our favourite wild and wonderful images from the community and feature it in the round-up. If you want to add a filter do but if not then don’t – sometimes our imperfections are what make us great!

As you can see in the picture on the left… great shot of Alyssa… shame about the washing in the background I forgot to take in. Picture on the right??! I’d been un for 38 hours straight with a poorly baby…not fun!


It doesn’t matter what the picture is…. if you love it, hate it, enjoy it or are having one of those moments we want to see it!



Come join us and release your inner #LionessMama … There’s one inside us all!

You can follow Mummy in a Tutu and The Parenting Jungle over on Instagram – we look forward to roaring with you!


  1. I want to say, thank you! My images are never featured on Instagram communities because I take mine on my phone. The people with proper cameras run rings around me with their picture perfect shots. I’m happy to see you and Jade have formed an Instagram community for those not-so-perfect moments, so to speak. I’d love to join in!

  2. Amy Treasure says:

    Ah thanks for the mention, sorry you feel a bit sad about not getting featured. When Aby and I started Little Fierce Ones there was nothing else like it within the parenting community, now there are lots of communities popping up so fingers crossed something for everyone- I hope people don’t feel excluded or not good enough but there are so many professional photographers that join with ours so I do see what you’re saying.
    The ones Aby and I feature do have a particular look, and to be honest if you check my feed and the ones I’ve featured I will very rarely (if ever!) show full faces of other people’s kids because I don’t want my feed to look like a mix of lots of different children-I really hope that makes sense-but because so much of my brand work depends on Instagram I don’t want the brands to get confused as to what kind of account it is. There’s nothing wrong with your pictures at all, they are lovely. x

  3. I love it and sorry but you will be getting lots from me ?

  4. Emma says:

    I do tend to take lots of shots of Jersey for my instagram feed, on my phone (I hasten to add) as for me it was my way of trying to come to terms with the fact that I now live here. If that makes sense. I will also admit that I love a good filter to hide how shit my photo really is! Sounds like a fab new community xxx

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