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Kindi Kids Review

*Ad – Gifted. All Opinions are my own
Watch out there’s a new range of dolls on the block! Now, if you’re like me, you are completely in denial that your child is even old enough to be contemplating starting school, let alone actually starting school. However, she is starting and she will never know that I am secretly weeping on the inside. Now, the new Kindi Kids range of beautiful and fun dolls, from Moose Toys, is all about enjoying the big leap to school and making friends. We were very kindly sent some of the amazing Kindi Kids range to review.


Starting school is a big deal for everyone, so any little magic we can sprinkle on this time to make it a bit easier is seriously welcome. 

Kindergarten (the American equivalent of pre-school and reception here in the UK) is a big time in any young girls’ life.

“At Kindergarten and pre-school, you have the magic of a world of discovery, where imagination is boundless. But it’s a scary time – there are no parents to guide you and you can find yourself navigating this new world on your own!  Moose Toys Kindi Kids encourage you to be true to yourself at a time where you don’t know yourself!”

The Kindi Kids are the BFF of the little gitls on this journey. They are the ones that hold your girls’ hand and guide her into this world of unlimited imagination & untapped potential. More than just dolls, with wobbling heads and sparkling eyes, Kindi Kids invite girls to play and discover the Kindergarten that the Kindi Kids attend. Each corner of the Kindergarten is a fun new adventure – imagination is boundless!

The dolls are all designed with their own characters and are meant to be the doll form of your own little one starting school. They have a lovely message behind them that encourage courage, curiosity and imagination.

Kindi Kids dolls are sold as single toys with two little  “shopkins” accessories included. We were also sent the Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket (£29.99) to try out. The set features a number of “Shopkins” items including bananas, OJ, jam, and an apple, plus there’s a little shopping basket too. 

The actual supermarket is bright and colourful with lots going on, including a till, weighing scales, shelves and a cold storage area. We were also sent the Kindi Kids Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart (£14.99). The bunny ears wobble and the paws walk so it’s bound to make your little one giggle and Alyssa loves being the one in charge of this supermarket shop!

We really adored the Kindi Kids, their accessories and the message surrounding the whole brand. If your little one loves dolls or perhaps is a little nervous about starting school then this would be the ideal gift. Christmas is also just around the corner so these would make the perfect present under the tree with all their little accessories too!

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