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Strictly Briks Stackable Baseplates Review

*Ad – Gifted. All Opinions are our own.
Alyssa has always been a builder and has always loved making towers and then the sheer joy of knocking them down, making a mess and starting all over again. We have progressed from stacking boxes with pretty patterns for stimulation to wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes to giant brightly coloured blocks where we were able to make more things that just a tower and I was thinking that it was time to move up to the next level. We have never tried any Lego or Duplo but Ii did think it was time to try something and then Strictly Briks decided to get in touch and ask us to review their Stackable Baseplates.

We were sent the standard pack of Strictly Briks Stackable Baseplates which comes with 4 plates and the tower bricks to stack them. These are also available in brighter rainbow colours which I think Alyssa would have preferred but we got the green, grey and blue ones which was fine. These are all really easy and simple to assemble and you can have a stacked tower within a minute or two.

The only thing I will say is that they do not come with any building bricks whatsoever, so you would need to buy some of these in order to build anything other than a barren tower. We were sent a small bag of Strictly Briks as well, which we were able to dot around the boards.

Strictly Briks are designed to be compatible with other brick brands such as Lego and Duplo. I borrowed some from my nephew but found the compatibility really hit and miss – sometimes they would click on no problem and other times the bricks were simply not going to go onto the base boards.

I think if we build up our collection of building blocks then these boards will become very useful. If you are starting a collection and looking for ways to begin building, then these baseplates would be a great way to kick off.

Strictly Briks products are available on Amazon.

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