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How to use the lockdown to improve your family’s health

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*Collaborative. All opinions are my own.
Living in lockdown conditions is not easy. Being separated from your friends and family feels awful. As does knowing that your children’s education has been interrupted. But this situation need not be all bad. Being at home presents you with the opportunity to go ahead and make some important lifestyle changes. One of which is ensuring that your family gets to live a healthier life. Below, are a few things for you to consider doing.

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Give up smoking

If you have tried many times before and failed to give up smoking, lockdown is as good a time as any to give it another go. You can order 88 vape’s vape liquids and vaping pens online to aid the process. So, in no time at all, you can switch your cigarettes for an e-cig or vape pen. Studies show that vaping is a very effective way to give up smoking. Plus, there is the added advantage that, right now, you are not able to socialise with other smokers. A fact that means there will be far less temptation for you to give in to peer pressure and start smoking again.

Introduce more variety into your family’s dietlittle girl in a pink gingham dress taking a bite out of the middle of a wedge of watermelon and a bowl of it beside her and a green bush blurred in the background in sunshine

Generally speaking, the more varied your diet is the better your health will be. It is all too easy to fall into the habit of eating virtually the same thing during a typical week especially in a lockdown week. If you can draw up a list of meals that take you through a fortnight, at least. Doing this will automatically encourage you to prepare more varied meals for your family.

There are plenty of great recipes available online. The fortnightly meal plan you can find here is a particularly good one. It has been written with frugality in mind. So, as well as getting your family to eat a healthier diet you should end up saving a lot of money.a woman in fitness gear reaching over behind her head to grab her foot

Take more exercise

We are all guilty of avoiding exercise. Try to resist the temptation to just sit on the couch during lockdown. You will only feel horribly lethargic if you do. Instead, every day, do something that makes you feel breathless. Now, is a fantastic time to set a good example and get your kids involved in taking a daily online fitness class. With fitness instructors everywhere creating and posting new ones on YouTube and other platforms, there has never been a better time to do this.

Teach yourself and your family to take better care of their mental health

In difficult times like these, it is particularly important to take care of your emotional and mental health. Of course it is not just ours either but our children’s mental health too! It does not take much for you to slip into depression. So, if you are not already doing so, try some mindfulness exercises and maybe learn about breath modulation or meditation. Do your best to get the rest of the family to do the same. This excellent article suggests 100 ways you can encourage your children to become aware of and take care of their mental health.

The overall point of this is to encourage self care in lockdown to ensure that whatever it is that we end up facing, we face it in the best physical and mental health that we can.

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