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22nd May 2018
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24th May 2018
So as most people know… I am dieting. Actually you’d be harder pressed to find a time in my life when I am not dieting if I am honest. However, I am back on the diet plan train and doing all I can to lose weight which is easier said than done. The time I had my most successful weight loss is just before I found out I was pregnant – I was the smallest I’d been for a long time AND I was not only eating better but I was getting fitter. When most people ask me about fitness, I usually jokingly say that running is against my religion (best religion ever where they also force feed you chocolate and pizza!!) but this time I had actually enjoyed going to the gym and could even run for a whole five minutes which was a huge achievement for me. I need to get this back on track but I don’t always have the option or time to go to the gym so I have had to look at other means of working out from home…

a woman in a blue tracksuit sat on grass with her legs out trying to touch her toes

Being someone who mostly sits down at a computer to work, it is so important that I get up and move about and also find something to stretch out my muscles to ensure I don’t seize up from being hunched over my computer for copious amounts of time.

a woman with her back to the camera wearing a tshirt that says personal trainerPersonal Trainer

So, one thought I had was perhaps try and get a personal trainer to help me out and give me some tips on what I can do from home and also to help spur me on and make me accountable. I know what you might be thinking – “But don’t you have to go to a gym for a personal trainer?!” Actually… no you don’t! Actually, you can sign up for an Online Fitness Trainer and they can help with tips and tricks to ensure you weight loss and fitness journey are a success and then help you maintain too!a woman in fitness gear reaching over behind her head to grab her foot

Yoga At Home

I have always wanted to try yoga. It is something that greatly appeals to me as I think it would be really relaxing, good for my back and muscles to stretch out as well as being a good work out. A total revelation to me, was finding out that there are amazing yoga workouts available that you can follow on YouTube starting with Yoga for Beginners through to advanced sessions that you can simply channel through your computer or smart TV and join in!

Getting the Right Advice

Of course the most important thing about getting fit and healthy is that I do it in the safest way possible. There is so much information available on the NHS Live Well Weight Loss web page including a whole 12 week diet and fitness plan. This is an amazing downloadable booklet with worksheets and advises you on foods to eat and exercises to do and of course the best part is that this is professional medical advice.

a set of dumbells and some bananas and apples

If you’re going through the same as me – if you are trying to get fit and healthy, be it for you (it should always firstly be for you) or somebody else and you want to share your experience then please tell me all about it. If you’re struggling send me a message I’m happy to chat and if you’re doing really well then I’d love to celebrate with you. Let’s do this together. Let’s beat the fat!
*This is a collaborative post.

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