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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Series: Week #4
30th September 2016
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Newborns: The Harsh Realities!
2nd October 2016

Highlights of the Week: #25

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It’s really hard sometimes to take the time to stop and think back over the week. It may sound silly but it is hard… I  have been struggling a lot this week with time and feel that I have absolutely none and am worrying that I am burying myself under a mound of too much pressure and responsibility. I think I have lost a little bit of my mojo… I’ll get it back but think I am just that little bit past run down now, but if I stop completely I think it would take me a while to get going again so I  am powering through and carrying on. However, due to my lack of mojoness and feelings of overwhelming doom (slight exaggeration I assure you) I think this week it was more important than ever, that I take a moment to stop and smell the roses and really make myself look at the good things that have been happening…

me wearing glasses a big hat and dark lipstick. Red wall in the background


1 – Offline: One of the biggest highpoints for me this week has to be that the lovely people at Appletiser invited me and a guest to attend Ascot in the King Edward VII area whichat sunglasses and appletiserh meant we got to dress up and have a day at the races. I took my wonderful mummy as she had always wanted to go and Alyssa was able to come to. There was the fantastic Beer Festival running their all day in it’s 10th anniversary return to Ascot but I was more than happy sticking to my Appletiser. We had a little flutter and didn’t win anything but it didn’t matter because we have a wonderful day out! Thanks for inviting us Appletiser… Ladies Day next?!


2 – Online:bloggersbeatingcancer-1 This isn’t my achievement at all but I felt that it was such a fantastic one it deserved a mention!! My lovely friends Emma, Island Living 365 and Sarah, The Mumzilla, created the amazing fundraising campaign #BloggersBeatingCancer after Emma tragically lost a very close friend earlier this year. They held a virtual coffee morning over on Twitter this week and thanks to their tireless efforts they have so far raised a staggering £1045!! I am so pleased for them and am sure Emma’s friend will be smiling down and incredibly proud of them both. Well done ladies…. If you haven’t donated CLICK HERE TO DONATE… even £1 can make all the difference!


3 – Offline: I got to spend some more time with my gorgeous niece Lily this week as they came over for a couple of visits. Alyssalily was majorly excited as I think she thinks that Lily is HER baby… hmm well as long as she doesn’t try to carry her I think we’ll be good. It’s nice to have cuddles with such a tiny baby again though she’s growing faster and faster and already has her own little personality and is very demanding… she tried nuzzling my boob at which point I had to disillusion her that despite their size they were unfortunately on empty!


4 – Online: My final highlight this week comes from Instagram and Facebook. I have been plugging away at them for a while now and not really having the success that I do on Twitter in regards to my followers. However, I was over-joyed this week when I finally went over the 600 follower mark on Facebook as it seems I have been stuck in the five hundreds forever!! Over on Instagram, thanks to the new pod and being more active on their I am about to hit the 2000 follower mark! This second thousand has come a lot quicker than the first so it’s onwards and upwards hopefully with both of these!



Alyssa in a pink tutu


I decided to finish this week with my favourite shot of Alyssa – I love the sunlight coming in over her and they way she looks like she’s dancing! However, most of all I love that determined little look on her face… My little cheeky tutu!


  1. Great photo!
    Hope you’re ok and your mojo is back soon xx

  2. Sarah says:

    I love that face 😀 well done on insta, mines gradually coming up too! Xx

  3. Jane Taylor says:

    Aw, even if your mojo has had a wobble, you still inspire me every day with how thoughtful and helpful you are to other bloggers. You are sooooo good at sharing posts and liking things and supporting others and I really, really appreciate it. I have ‘major Mummyinatutu sharing’ on my to do list today as life has been crazy and I would like to return the favour…Not out of obligation because I always enjoy your posts when I get to nip over and read them. Love your ‘at the races’ photo and the gorgeous ‘tutu’ pic….Obvs you must be slightly out of shot in your tutu 😉

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