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31st October 2022
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28th November 2022

Grown-Ups Christmas Gift Guide 2022

grown-ups christmas gift guide

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When it comes to what to give grown-ups for Christmas it can be tricky. I have been told I am a nightmare to buy for because I am reluctant to ask for anything and quite honestly, I have everything I need so it is hard to think of things to ask for other than a cheque for a million pounds, a small holding and some chickens. However, I have put together my Grown-ups Christmas Gift Guide for 2022 to help inspire you with gift ideas for both him and her and of course you shouldn’t forget about gifts for your pets too.

grown-ups christmas gift guide


n this divine blend of astrology and mixology, you’ll learn about your character traits and the cocktails that complement them. Packed with over 60 recipes and a spellbinding introduction to the zodiac, this book will help you deepen your connection with your inner self, learn more about your friends and find out how to create a delicious array of befitting, mystical drinks.

The ideal companion for every cocktail lover, Cosmic Cocktails will provide you with all the tools for experimenting with mixology and magic.


What do you get for the person who has everything or you simply do not know who to buy for? Why a gift voucher from voucher express of course. With a huge range of gift cards redeemable at any number of stores, this is the perfect gift for someone you do not know what to buy for because then they can simply pick their own gift!


The Mate is compact, and has a new modern shape and sleek design. It’s available in new burnt orange and merlot colourway, as well as black and white, and has a Bluetooth range of up to 250 ft. It’s also water-resistant and contains a battery that lasts up to 3-years


Coconut Flower Beer is fine-tasting premium lager that is light, easy and refreshing to drink. Lager is a type of beer, distinguished from other beers by the yeast used to ferment it and maturing it at a low temperature. Coconut Flower Beer is brewed using lager yeast and carefully crafted in two stages of fermentation, which means it takes around eight weeks to produce. Primary fermentation uses conventional lager ingredients: malted barley, oats, hops and water. Secondary fermentation sees the addition of the magical Coconut Flower Drops, with their beneficial live cultures which make the drink so fascinating! The exotic, bold and unique Coconut Flower Beer that is brewed and bottled in the UK, is in effect a work of art from recipe, to brewing, to branding, all the way to customer experience – it is not just a drink, it is an experience!

Magical Christmas Experience Box

This experience box includes a selection of over 4,695 amazing experiences to choose from, including supercar driving days, indulgent dining experiences, relaxing spa escapes, animal encounters and so much more

Spoil a deserving friend or family member with the gift of magic. The dazzling Christmas experience box promises a world of excitement and adventure. Or, if they’re more of the relaxing type, they have plenty of spa days and gourmet meals to choose from too! Take the stress out of gifting this year and watch their eyes sparkle, from cosy overnight escapes to supercar driving thrills – there’s an abundance of unique and enriching activities for travellers, foodies and adrenaline junkies alike. Share the love this festive season and make their wishes come true with this thoughtful, Christmas gift.

Eau So Grateful Candle by Eau Lovely

White Moonstone has the properties to relieve stress. It is an excellent healing stone. It gives the light of hope to the dark heavy heart. White Moonstone has the meaning and properties to enhance childbirth luck. The light inside White Moonstone is a symbol of new life. As you think so shall you be. Fragrance: Fresh Silver Birch Rosemary and bitter orange.

Silver Star Ornament

This Large Silver Star Ornament is the perfect accessory to add a modern touch to your home, style as a set on a console table or alone on a bedside table. I am also a sucker for anything with a star!

Silver Crown Tealight Holder

This cute Silver Crown Tealight Holder is the perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour to any room of your home.

CLCKR Stand & Grip Wallent & Magnetic Phone Mount

The most useful gift you can send this Christmas – CLCKR phone case stand and grip This phone case with stand or universal grip is absolutely a gadget you don’t know you need until you use one. It stands your device in landscape, portrait or telco mode. It allows you to video call handsfree, watch Netflix, see your favourite movie or workout at home without propping your phone up against a water bottle!

CLCKR car mount: the CLCKR car mount is a unique product which allows you to store your smartphone whilst in your car. The 2-part mount comes with a small magnetic silver clip which slides onto your CLCKR Stand & Grip allowing it to magnetically connect to the air vent attachment.

Independent Wine

Independent Wine is the UK’s leading specialist in award-winning Italian wine. They stock over 140 Italian wines that have won top awards.

St Magdalener is possibly the best sub-zone for Schiava wines in the whole of Alto Adige. “Morit” has more body and flavour than a regular Schiava, because it is blended with 15% Lagrein – Alto Adige’s iconic red grape. A small addition of Pinot Nero amplifies the fresh forest fragrance of red berries and herbs.

The famous Italian food and wine magazine Slow Wine named Morit one of top wines of Trentino-Alto Adige. A fine recommendation, indeed!

Bike Riders Essentials Kit

The ideal gift for anyone who loves the freedom of two wheels… and the feel of lycra with no underwear. This kit contains all the essentials that the discerning cyclists needs, whether they’re on the commute or out for fun. Contents: Waterproof Poncho, Poncho Bag, saddle cleaning fluid, Muscle Rub 50ml, Chafing Cream 30ml

Homedics Facial Roller

The Homedics Facial Beauty Roller delivers gentle Microcurrent technology to tighten and brighten your complexion. 360-degree spinning rollers deeply massage and lift the skin to visibly tone facial muscles with a 70-degree angle designed to combat both small and large contours of the face. This helps to stimulate the skin to ensure better product absorption.

Modern Toss

Want something a little different? Then look no further! Brainbox Candy make hilarious and quirky cards, gifts and novelties for people just like you.

Bergamot & Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set

Treat your home to one of Arran’s best selling fragrances with our Bergamot and Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set. The epitome of beautiful floral scents, Arran Sense of Scotland Bergamot and Geranium whisks together aromas of flowers and fruits to create a delicately balanced and effortlessly refreshing fragrance for the home. The Bergamot reed diffuser even looks the part to take pride of place in your home with the blend of oils displayed in a branded clear glass bottle, finished with natural wood reeds for spreading the scent throughout your room. Our 8cl travel candles perfectly compliment this delicate aroma, with up to a 12 hour burn time.

Books You’ll Love

The Little Box of Wellbeing – Look after your wellbeing with the essential practice of self-care. Whenever you’re in need of a little bit of wellbeing inspiration, ideas for a simple self-care ritual, or even just a few soothing words, you’ll find all the help you need inside this box.

Alongside a pocket-sized booklet covering the essentials of self-care and why it matters, this box contains a set of 52 beautifully designed cards, each with a helpful tip on one side and a calming affirmation on the reverse. Each card can be displayed individually using the wooden stand and is guaranteed to brighten up any shelf, windowsill, office, desk or side table.

The Hedgerow Apothecary – For centuries our ancestors looked to nature not just for food, but also for healing. To this day, our ancient hedgerows, woodlands and forests are still full of remedies – and they’re waiting to be discovered.

This is the essential guide to enjoying the bountiful delights of the natural world. Learn how to make delicious preserves, healing balms, soothing toddies and cures for colds with nature’s jewels such as rose hips, elderberries and mugwort.

The Garden Apothecary – Unlock the sustainable and ethical art of the apothecarist, and explore its rich folklore and history. Discover the hidden delights in your own garden and how to use them to make delicious edible treats, herbal cures and restorative beauty products. With photographs to help you safely identify edible plants and tips on how best to prepare and preserve your finds, this is the essential guide to enjoying the home-grown riches of your garden.

The Little Book of Mushrooms – One of nature’s most extraordinary organisms can be found right under your feet: the mushroom. For thousands of years these fungi have intrigued humankind, providing food, inspiring folklore and proving to be both poison and cure.

The Little Book of Mushrooms will allow you to uncover this mysterious kingdom for yourself. Learn the difference between a giant puffball and a scarlet elf cup and discover how mushrooms and the fungal network help plant life to communicate.

The Hedgerow Apothecary Forager’s Handbook – As many of us look for ways to live a more planet-friendly lifestyle, the sustainable and ethical art of foraging offers us a way to connect with the world around us. It is a practice rich in tradition and steeped in history, and one that links us to our past and our future.

This foraging companion is designed to be taken with you on your adventures into the hedgerows, forests and woodland all year round. Helpfully arranged by season, this book includes clear photographs to aid plant identification, ideas on how best to prepare and preserve your finds, fascinating foraging and plant folklore, and handy pages to make your own notes and drawings.

The Cat Owner’s Survival Guide – You have the best cat in the world, it’s true. But there’s no avoiding the fact that, perfect and adorable as they may be, there are certain elements of being a cat owner that you could do without. Those thoughtful “gifts” you find in the kitchen. The scratch-marks on the couch. Their hairballs clogging up your vacuum cleaner.

Luckily, this no-nonsense guide is here to teach you all the tricks you’ll ever need to help you navigate life with your furry friend, so you can focus on the positives – like giving them head-scratches and cooing over their little toe beans.

Planet Friendly Hacks – An eco-friendly lifestyle is expensive and time-consuming, right? Wrong! There are countless ways to make green choices that don’t take a toll on your time, your bank balance or the planet.

This book is your one-stop guide to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you need tips on conserving energy or reducing food waste, or you want to give your home a makeover without impacting the planet, these pages include everything you need to get started.

The Cycling Puzzle Book – You don’t need to compete in the Tour de France to appreciate the wonders of two wheels, and you don’t need to be a genius to enjoy this book. So when your legs deserve a rest after you’ve been out on the bike, how about a puzzle or two to exercise the mind? From quick quizzes and riddles to more leisurely crosswords and sudoku, whether you’re a cycling superfan or just enjoy the occasional ride, there’s plenty in these pages to tickle your fancy and get your brain into gear.


It’s so hard to put into words just how good the Monogamy board game is and why it works so well, you won’t fully appreciate just how dynamic it is until you play it. A game of Monogamy is so much more than just your typical game, it’s an exhilarating exchange on multiple levels that you share with the most important person in your life. The Monogamy board game allows you to try new things together, set aside time for one another, and have fun while you’re at it

Halo Make-up Mirror

If you or your friend is addicted to make up tutorials, the latest TikTok trends AND their mobile phone, then this could be the perfect present this Christmas. Featuring a vibrant ring light, this mirror also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker so they can stream music, whilst the inbuilt speaker means they can chat to friends on the phone handsfree. What more do they need?

Biloba Ginger Jar in Pink

The Biloba ginger jar features a stunning all-over biloba leaf design, in a pink hue. This beautiful jar is sure to add a pop of colour to the home, and would make a statement in any room, whether it is storing your favourite spices in the kitchen, or displaying your favourite artificial flowers in the living room.

Mistletoe Christmas Prosecco

Personalise this ‘Mistletoe’ Christmas designed Prosecco bottle with a short message. An extra dry Trevisana Prosecco, 11% ABV.


The Frenzy Scooters 230mm Dual Brake in Burgundy Red is a minimalist design that is comfortable and practical. Fitted with the popular Frenzy’s dual hand and foot braking system, coupled with the Frenzy anti-wobble top bar clamp and dipped bars, all makes for a smooth ride and perfect commuter scooter.


Introducing the Rio Roller Script helmet! Equipped with spare part padding to provide the perfect fit, and finished in a smooth matt coating, this helmet is the perfect addition to your Rio Roller range to offer the complete retro look.

Blessed Nest Clock

This charming birdhouse clock is a timeless favourite. Blessed Nest is the prettiest cerulean colour, with big pink flowers, green leaves, and happy blue birds. Full of hand-painted details, this a piece of art you’ll to keep forever. Exclusively designed by Michelle Allen for Enesco.


his bundle contains a scarf and a beanie.


Cocoon your neck with this handsome scarf crafted in a flattering blue hue. Composed of a variety of textures including chunky cable knit. High-quality merino mix yarn and excellent craftsmanship ensure a long life. A unique Danish design.


This stunning blue hat will flatter any skin tone. Made to the highest standards using warm, cozy yarn. A unique Danish design.

The Full Shebang Kit

Introducing the ultimate shaving experience, everything you need for silky smooth skin neatly packaged in one box. Our 3-step shave system contains ingredients known to fight blocked pores, reduce irritation and hydrate your skin. Our weighted reusable handle and long-lasting blades ensure an effortless glide for the smoothest shave

The Copenhagen Candle

Transport yourself to a festive wonderland with this citrus led scent entwined with a blend of delicious spices including cinnamon and cloves, sweetened with a touch of vanilla and held together with the warm and woody notes of sandalwood and cedar.

KitchenAid 3.1L Onyx Black Food Processor

Prepare any size meal and simplify large batch meal making with the KitchenAid 3.1L Food Processor in Onyx Black. With a powerful 400W motor and durable blades, the 3.1L food processor can easily tackle tough chopping, shredding and kneading tasks. Simple to use, with 3 easy-press illuminated LED speed paddles (high, low and pulse), this KitchenAid food processor is designed to handle a variety of ingredients with precision.

There’s no need for an extra storage caddy as the KitchenAid 3.1L food processor lets you store all the blades and discs directly in the work bowl for compact and tidy storage.

Gifts from Yours Clothing

We all know that I love Yours Clothing – they cater for all women and their clothes look beautiful. So, you could consider giving a Yours Clothing gift card for Christmas, or why not buy your loved one something with a little bit of sparkle.

Elevate your party collection with this Yours London maxi dress. It features long sleeves, a glitter effect and a front knot detail to fit and flatter your curves. Pair with black heels and a clutch for a stylish going out outfit. Honestly, Mr. Tutu was blown away with how I looked in this – it hugs and drapes in all the right places and the sparkle is the cherry on top of the glitter ball!

These Limited Collection platform heels are the perfect piece to finish off any party outfit. Made in velvet fabric, they feature a platform sole with a durable block heel and a padded insole for comfort and support all night long. Style with anything from trousers to dresses for a chic evening look.

Show off some skin with this lace sleeve shirt from Yours London. Made from a soft woven fabric, it features a classic collar, button-through fastenings and long sleeves. Style with leather trousers and heels to be feeling your best on your next night out.

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