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Plus Size Dressing for Autumn with Yours Clothing

dressing for autumn - black teddy coat

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.

I may have lost a lot of weight recently (an on-going battle for most of my life) but I am still plus-sized. However, I definitely feel better about my body and the way I looked. I was able to enjoy wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and even a swimsuit in my summer wardrobe. However, now the long hot days are turning into Autumn and things are definitely cooling down. I used to love Autumn because it meant baggy clothes I could hide under and whilst I still love over-sized jumpers, I am definitely not opposed to wearing other, more figure hugging items. So I thought I’d do a post all about the wonderful items Yours Clothing sent me and how I’ll be dressing for Autumn.

dressing for autumn - oversized sage green jumper

As I said, I love an over-sized jumper and normally I’d pair it with some loose jeans and trainers but this year I am thinking, fitted jeans or skinny leggings and a nice boot of some kind with a little heel. I don’t really do heels anymore but I like a boot with a chunky heel. This Curve Sage Over-Sized Knitted Jumper is perfect – I love the colour and the weave and I can team it with different coloured leggings or boots or even dress it up for a night out!

Another alternative to pair with a midi skirt or again leggings and jeans would be this gorgeous Curve Black Striped Collared Jumper – I love the addition of the collar as it makes it look a bit smarter and I could definitely wear this for Zoom meetings or if I wanted to look a bit smarter but still feel casual.

Absolute necessities in my wardrobe this Autumn are a pair of black boots, a pair of brown boots, scarves and woolly hats, a lot of simple tank and strap tops in different colours to wear underneath shirts and jumpers and also a couple of really decent pairs of tights so that I can get away with wearing my summer dresses in fall.

Of course, Autumn wouldn’t be complete without the perfect coat for any occasion. I was delighted to discover that my coat from last year, which had been brand new and was still in amazing condition, was miles too big – it looked like a tent. I have to confess that I have always wanted a teddy coat – I know some people think they’re yuck but I have loved them from afar for so long. So, when I spotted this Black Teddy Midi Shacket I fell in love. The length makes me look taller, it will hide any stains courtesy of my child or my inability to eat food without spilling, its warm and it has deep pockets. I LOVE it!

So there you have it, that is how I will be dressing for Autumn this year. Tell me, what essentials will you be using this season?!

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