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Creative Cafe Barista Bar Review

creative cafe barista bar - alyssa holding out the made babycino

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.

One of my favourite things to do with Alyssa is to pop to the Library and get a selection of new books and then pop into our favourite café afterwards and order a drink and sweet treat and put the world to rights. It is a far cry from when she was a baby and my coffee would inevitably get cold – one of the joys of our children getting older. Alyssa loves going and ordering a babycino or a Frappuccino but after a while this can get expensive and is not always feasible. So, when we were asked to review the new at home Creative Cafe Barista Bar, I knew Alyssa would be excited… I just didn’t realise HOW excited!

creative cafe barista bar - alyssa with the product

The Creative Cafe Barista Bar lets kids hone their early barista skills, pretend playing at creating impressive latte art!

With this super-fun set, children can serve up a trayful of thirst-quenching, artistic beverages. The Creative Cafe Barista Bar lets kids make and decorate real coffee-free lattes, adding all the professional touches of any fancy coffee shop. Did somebody say frothy milk with stencilled chocolate designs?

Children will love mixing their cold drinks with the strawberry and chocolate flavoured powder mixes, frothing them with the safe milk frothing mixer, and finishing them off with dazzling stencilled designs!

The Set-Up

I have to say this is one of the easiest kids gadgets/toys we have ever had to unbox or set-up. Nothing is taped in or nailed down, meaning we were able to just pull it all out and get going. We had to attach the crank handle which was super easy and you need a screwdriver (small cross-head) to pop in 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Other than making sure you have some milk available you are ready to go.

Making Your Babycino

There is a clear set of visual instructions for you or your child to follow, which I went through with Alyssa – she thought it looked so easy that she wanted to make a “How to Use” Video which you can see now on our Instagram.

Within 2 minutes we had made her first Babycino – you add milkshake powder to a little jug and some milk (the instructions say to add the powder first but we have found it works better if you put the powder in after the milk) then you whizz it up and pour it into one of the recyclable cups. Then you add more milk to the jug (there are lines on the jug to help children realise where to fill the jug to) pop it back into the machine and froth the milk.

We then poured the froth on top, took one of 3 stencils and shook chocolate and strawberry powder over the top to create a cool design like mummy has on her coffee!

This was so easy to use and with recipe cards to follow, I am now not involved in this process at all. Her machine is set up in the kitchen next time mine, and when it’s “coffee-time” she dips into the kitchen and makes her favourite strawberry with chocolate sprinkles Frappuccino all on her own.

Would totally recommend this nifty Creative Cafe Barista Bar which is now available from Smyths Toys Superstores.

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