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21st May 2016
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21st May 2016

Gestures of Love Straight From the Heart

Love doesn’t have to cost the earth. Love is just Love and that should be enough and most of the time it is. However, once a year on that most glorious of days (Feb 14th Guys!!!!) we like to show our love in an even bigger way.

However, don’t you find it really really REALLY annoying that Valentine’s Day comes so close post-christmas? I mean, you had to work hard enough to get a really good gift for that but now you have to find the ultimate gift that shows how much you care for someone?! FYI I like boats, cars and condos on the beach!! Ha ha yeah right in my dreams… but getting serious, a valentine’s gift does not have to cost the earth. Here’s a list of, what I personally consider, amazing Valetine’s gifts and they are all pence if not completely free!

1. FLASH MOB! – You know how you sometimes just randomly troll through YouTube, well I do and I found the most amazing gestures of love done in the form of FlashMobs. People get friends, family, dancers, musicians and complete strangers to join in and perform and show just one person how much they are loved. INFO: For future husband I am yet to meet (look how hopeful I am pretending to be) this is how I would like to be proposed to… either that or Ross’s proposal to Rachel in Friends. At the Planetarium. With Lillies.

2. KD & CF 4 EVA! – At school, everyone had a “Rough Book” that we could take notes in (yeah that’s what it was used for) and I can gurantee that at some point you drew a heart in there with initials, spelling out your love. Well, why not take a walk with a loved one, in the woods or in a park, or even sit in your garden and when you find the perfect spot, carve your initials onto a tree. They will be there a long time and it is an exceedingly romantic gesture.

3. SWEETS FOR MY SWEET – This is a little corny, but something that has stayed with me since I first heard it. If I knew my partner had no money, I wouldn’t expect anything. So if they turned up with a tiny tiny parcel and I opened it up and saw what was inside, I would genuinely be touched. Trying giving the one you love… your last rolo!

4. UNCONVENTIONAL – Sometimes, our Valentine isn’t necessarily your stereotypical guy or girl, sometimes we defy the norm. This year, my valentine will be my lovely friend Claire, who despite being in a relationship is taking time out of her busy life to spend an evening with me. So, to show how much I love her, I have bought her a gift. She loves stationery, cars, stuff for her house… actually she’s pretty easy to buy for! I may even throw in a cuddly toy too but I know that a simple pack of Post-It Notes would please her too!

5. MIX IT UP – We live in such a digital age now – everything is done for us and everything is digital. There is so much we can’t touch now purely because apart from in an electronic sense of the word, it simply doesn’t exist. So why not go old school and make a mixed tape. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be an actual tape (though if you choose to do this hats off to you my friend) it could be on cd or even a playlist on an ipod or Youtube. Whatever or wherever you do it, your loved one will appreciate the time and effort you have gone to.

6. A NOTE A DAY – This is not my idea but I am steling it as I think it’s lovely. Get a jar, it can be any jar as long as it’s clean and has a lid. In it, on post-it notes or pieces of paper, write one thing that you like, love, adore about your valentine and pop it in the jar. Fill the jar with these wonderful notes, thoughts, quotes and seal. Put a little lable on it that says “Read one everytime you feel blue and remember that I Love you!” I think a jar full of love is an amazing gift to receive!

7. IN BED – This is nottttt as dodgy as it sounds (but that could work too just don’t hand over a voucher for it!!) Why not make the effort to get up that little bit early and make your loved one breakfast in bed. It does not need to be michelin star cuisine, it could be toast and jam with a cup of tea and a danelion on the tray. The point is, you have made the effort!

8. MEMORIES – Probably my most expensive gift on this list at a whopping £3.00 and possibly the one that requires the most effort. Again, everything is so electronic that very few people even have photos in their homes anymore. Pop to your local pound store, or cheap crafty place or even Tesco, and pick up one of those giant, cheap plastic frames. Go onto a website such as Snapfish, that prints and delivers photos for a matter of pence. Now take the time to cut and lay out photos, you could even add words in the background or crafty bits on top if you have them and give your valentine memories this year.

9.SNUGGLE – Light some candles (and if you have an open fire light that too) then grab the blanket and your shared favourite film and snuggle up together in each others arms. If you really want to push the boat out, grab some chocolate or icecream to go with it too. A blissful evening together.

10. WORDS – Look into your Valentines eyes and simply say “I Love You!” That and you are the best gifts of all

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