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21st May 2016
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21st May 2016

Meet The Family…Don’t Kill Me!

So, with the exception of one person, no one in the family knows that I am writing this post. Primarily because they would a) try and stop me and b) if they didn’t manage to stop me they’d kill me so…. shh!

Anyway, I have been blogging for a while now and quite often mention different members of my family when writing and so I thought I’d introduce you to them all and give you a look into our little family world.

 You would of course all have to be blind not to know who this little bundle of fun is but hey it was another excuse to post a photo of her?! I know we are biased as parents but she is just so cute! This is Alyssa and she is nearly 7 months old now which is just crazy – didn’t I bring her home from hospital only yesterday?!?!

 This wonderful, amazing, gorgeous lady is my very own mummy. Her name is Jane and she is the ripe old age of 21!! I don’t know where I would be without this lady. She has put up with some crap, held my hand through everything and was there when I gave birth to my gorgeous little girl. To Alyssa she is Nonna (or The Nons!!) the person that besides me has been there her entire life. Nonna is sometimes the only person who can make things right just with a simple cuddle and the beam Alyssa gives her every morning is proof enough that she is loved dearly (by both of us).

 This is Leon, but we don’t call him this. He has been and always will be known as Bear. He is my mother’s partner and has been in our lives for nearly 8 years now. The picture above shows the first time he met (and held) Alyssa. Needless to say he was unsure of what this little bundle would mean for him. However, and it pains me to say this, he might just be Alyssa’s favourite person in the whole world. When he walks into a room, she laughs, smiles, bounces, chatters away and she’s even been known to kill a zombie or two with him on his computer if mummy needs to make a cup of tea. He’s been incredible allowing my mum the time to support me and Alyssa’s life is all the brighter for having him in it (despite his hairy beariness!!)

 This gorgeous creature is my baby sister – Kerrie. Only 18 months younger than me we grew up close – fighting, playing and everything else two sisters are meant to do. It has to be said that the majority of the time, she acts more like the big sister than me (primarily because I am a complete ditz) but now as adults we are closer than ever. Auntie Kerrie has spoilt Alyssa rotten and can’t go out without returning with something for her! However, whether she arrives baring a gift or not, there is no doubt that she is always greeted with a great big smile, excited squeals and the occasional boob snuggle when madam is feeling sleepy. We love you!!!

Peter (uncle Petes) is my lovely brother-in-law, though we might as well get rid of the in-law bit as he has been around for so long I don’t really remember a time when he wasn’t in the family. This is the guy who dressed up as a girl (yes seriously!!) to cheer me up one year on my birthday when I was ill! Complete legend! Alyssa completely adores him and loves nothing more than when we meet Uncle Pete for coffee so she can make googoo eyes at him and smile! He’s incredibly supportive to all of us and thanks to him and Kerrie, we are all off to Florida in September… whoop whoop!!

 This handsome young man is Rowan, my 9 year old nephew. He is insanely intelligent, polite and loving and one of the most amazing young men I have ever met. He is so pleased to finally have a cousin and has also agreed to do some guest video appearances in my Easter post… coming soon!! Love him to the moon and back!

Finally, (I know I hear you saying FINNALLYY!!) this is my baby brother Ollie and his fiancé Vicky. They are both pains in the butt but I love them dearly and Uncle Ollie has the uncanny ability to silence Alyssa (could really use him at 3am!) and apparently Auntie Vicky is Alyssa’s number one puke target! They have been together nearly three years and have just announced that they will be giving Alyssa another cousin this summer! We are soooo happy for them and excited to welcome yet another summer baby into the family. We are currently taking bets as to whether it will be a boy or a girl… I’m going boy!

So there you have it folks, my weird and wonderful family! We have our quirks, strengths and weaknesses like every other family but we love each other (most of the time lol) and that’s what counts! So, tell me about yours?

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