[AD – We were sent the products for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.]
I’m a bit of a foodie (my waistline confirms that) in that I love to cook and serve food to my family and friends. I am by no means a food snob – I enjoy cooking and eating everything from burgers dripping in sauce to “fancy” looking foods from all over the world. I have no foodie aspirations other than to keep on cooking and letting people enjoy what I make. So, when it comes to what I cook and serve with, I love pretty cookware and dinnerware to compliment the food… and if it looks good on my Instagram then all the better. When Wayfair got in touch and asked if I’d like to review some of their products, I HAD to dive straight into their kitchen and dinner section and I got some absolutely beautiful products. Take a look…

As I said, I love to cook, so Wayfair offered to let me choose a few from their online store and so of course I had to head to the kitchen and dining section. So, I had a look through my kitchen to see what I had, then I also had a look through the recipes I tend to cook on a rotational basis to see what my kitchen could benefit from and came up with a couple of ideas.

First of all, I chose this gorgeous Wok because my old one was looking a bit worse for wear and this one looked so new and shiny. I immediately had a go at cooking my Sticky Sesame Tofu (there’s a cook along video on my Instagram Highlights) and it was brilliant to cook with a decent pan. I will say this thought – I don’t know if the pan needs to be treated in a certain way before use because once washed and it rusted overnight, despite being dried and I have had to throw it away which was a shame as it was a really good pan to cook with.

I also noticed that I only seemed to have large saucepans and pots in my kitchen, so I thought I’d choose a smaller set of saucepans that would be useful for when just cooking for Alyssa or a smaller number of people. This 4 piece non-stick cookware set looks a lot better in person. I was really impressed with the quality and feel of them when they arrived and they do exactly what they say on the tin.

Finally on the cooking front, I realised I cook a lot of pies, stews and things that go in the oven. Though basically I was looking for any excuse to get these beautiful mini casserole dishes which I just adore. They’re in the beautiful shades of the Fearne collection on Wayfair and they’re the perfect individual portion size. I’ve cooked my Stilton and Mushroom Pie in these and I think they possibly made the pies taste even better!

Of course there is no point having great cookware if you don’t have something lovely to eat off of and drink out of. Thanks to clumsy male hands, we had very few mugs that did not have a chip in. So, when I spotted these beautiful ice cream coloured mugs, I knew they were an essential! They have strong handles, fit nicely around your hands and hold a more than decent cup of coffee (essential for every sleep deprived parent) without being too big!

Finally, I knew I needed some new dinnerware. We have had plain white for ages and it was not even the same plain white set as we had lost and gained random pieces along the way. I will say, that A LOT of my decision was based on what I thought would look beautiful in a photograph as well as what I just adored. I chose this beautiful Canvas 18 piece dinnerware set because I just fell in love with the colours and mandala style design. It was my sisters birthday two weeks ago and I served up the whole family with these beautiful plates – apart from an argument over who got what colour, they were a hit. I love the bowls for cereal and pasta and just all round love this set.

Overall, I am so pleased with my experience of Wayfair and it’s products. Good quality was evident and the range of colours, patterns and designs is endless. I would advise checking anything fragile on arrival, as we did need to get replacements for the mugs as several had cracked or chipped in transit. However, Wayfair were amazing at getting a replacement sent out quickly and efficiently and I am sat here writing these final words with a pink cup of coffee in my hands.

Want a pretty kitchen like mine? Take a look at Wayfair!



  1. Their color choices are just amazing.

  2. Heather Keet says:

    Looks like you found some great pieces! #ABloggingGoodTime