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Top Tips for Selling your Home this Year

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Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful moments in each person’s life. Most sellers dream of a seamless sale on their property, however, often they rarely end up being as stress-free as first imagined due to slight hiccups along the way.

First Impressions Always Count

First impressions are made within seconds of pulling up outside a house and during this the red-hot period whereby the property market is thriving you really can’t afford for your exterior to let the inside of your house down. Your home’s first impression starts with the exterior so take a good look at what potential buyers are going to focus on first. What is the first thing that you notice? Chipped paint, rotting wood, dead plants and cracked driveways are inexcusable, particularly if you want your full asking price.

You can boost your kerb appeal fairly inexpensively as often it is just a little TLC you need to give your home. Put yourself into the shoes of the buyer, if you were buying this property now what would your expectations be? Would you be satisfied with what you have viewed compared to its market price? If you believe that you have either under or overvalued your home, you need to take suitable measures to ensure you are getting the right amount of bang for your buck and receiving what you deserve.

Spring Clean

A clean, fresh home is more desirable for potential buyers, so you should never underestimate the power of a good spring clean. In the main rooms such as master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge you should focus on the cleanliness of both the floors and walls to make sure everywhere is spotless. A glistening floor with twinkling taps and silverware will instantly lift the room and create the impression that your home has been well looked after over the years you have been occupiers. Deep cleaning your property not only creates a light, uncluttered feel but also makes your home smell fresh and appealing.

Double Check

Are you sure this is the right time to sell? Of course, there is not a right or wrong time to put your home up for sale, but some months prove more successful than others creating a massive impact on your home’s sale. You need to double check whether it is the perfect time for both you and for the market. According to house seller advice site,, between February and June is the best time to sell your house as this is the peak period for those actively looking to buy. As the demand for property is higher during these months, the more likely you are to receive your full asking price as the market has become more competitive.

If you are choosing to sell your home this year it may be worthwhile considering the possibility of a property investment. Developments by RW Invest are a lucrative way of maximising your income and can be an alternative way of saving for your future.

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