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Calm Drinks Review

*Ad-Paid. All opinions are my own.
Do you have a go to coffee drink? At home I make mine quite milky and when I get to have coffee out I always choose either a latte (love a gingerbread one) or an iced latte. I think I became so accustomed to drinking cold coffee with a child around that actually I love the taste of an iced latte. I also tend to grab a cold coffee when I do a supermarket shop too which is a little treat. I also have a tendency to suffer from anxiety; it has definitely improved in recent months but still have moments of unsettlement. So, when Calm Drinks asked if I’d like to review their CBD Coffee and Chocolate infused drinks, I was definitely intrigued to give them a go.

So what is Calm Drinks?

“We specialise in Coffee and Chocolate drinks infused with CBD, helping you UPLIFT your energy…FOCUS your mind and RELAX. Life these days is too busy, too many distractions and too many devices…take a little respite, have one of our drinks and reset your natural balance. Our Calm Coffee brand is 100% vegan using only natural ingredients and flavourings, our coffee is fair trade certified and we use UK sourced lipsomal CBD for infusion.”

I received 3 flavours to try – they come in a can, though are not carbonated. They do not “need” refrigeration, however, I did pop mine in the fridge because I prefer cold coffee really cold and not room temperature. I decided to try the latte first as this is my general go to flavour.

There is a definite coffee flavour though it is not as milky as your standard latte coffee drink. It states there is 10mg of CBD in the product but I do not think this effected the taste. Similarly with the others, the taste was not there but the tastes are not traditional but not unpleasant. It was also nice to take the opportunity to sit down and relax with a coffee drink that is meant to be cold.

So, what does CBD do?

“CBD is commonly taken by people with anxiety, for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, and those who experience inflammation or chronic pain and its this that has seen sales of it rise in the UK to higher than Vitamin C and Vitamin D combined.”

I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great coffee drink that also has the option of providing some comfort with the CBD prescense.

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