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23rd March 2020
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Top Tips for a Fuss Free Trip

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*This is a collaborative post.
There is nothing worse than planning a trip or holiday and then getting stressed and worked up before, during or after the trip. You look forward to it for ages and don’t want it spoilt by not being prepared or unforeseen circumstances. So, I’ve come up with some top tips to ensure a fuss-free and smooth sailing trip no matter what the occasion.

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Don’t leave it to the last minute to pack. This is a recipe for disaster because you will not be able to find things, some may not be washed, you may need something new. Try and be packed and ready a couple of days before and then write a little check list of things you need to put in last minute…like your phone charger. Additionally, if something is essential, it is a good idea to pack multiples of it (within reason). This can include things like: inhalers, for anyone on the trip who has asthma; copies of documentation you may need; and glasses in case a pair gets lost or broken hundreds of miles from home. Knowing how to buy glasses online ahead of time might well save your trip, so live by the mantra: “Two is enough, one is none”.

If you have an early flight, train or bus then if you can afford it, one of the best ways to make sure you reduce any unneeded stress, caused by traffic or an unexpected transport failure, is to stay in a hotel over night the evening before your trip. Then you can wake and go to your departure point at a calm and easy pace. There are plenty of hotel booking sites where you can get a great deal.the wing of an airplane seen from the plane window at sunrise

Sometimes unfortunately the inevitable does happen and due to weather or unforeseen circumstances you can experience delays or flight cancellations. Fortunately, there are companies like Flightright who can help if you experience delays or cancellations and help you claim the compensation you deserve. Try speaking to someone in customer services at your departure point and if you have no joy then reach out to Flightright.

Go for the perfect length of time, not too long and not too short. Decide what you want to do and see at your chosen destination, add a few extra days for relaxing and you’ll have your ideal holiday length. Do not overload the holiday with lots of activities and not give yourself a chance to just relax by the pool or in the lodge depending on what your holiday is.

Choose a quiet time of year or less busy area to visit, so that you are not overwhelmed by a crowded hotel and beach. Flying to some countries during their off-season can mean an empty seat next to you on the plane and not being surrounded by other tourists while you’re there.

Obviously when we go away on a trip, we take our technology, but if the trip is a leisure activity we really should try and switch them off. The whole point of taking a holiday is to switch off, unwind and relax. If you really want to switch off, you can even book a digital detox holiday to really get away from it. When like me, tech is your work, it can be a real relief to switch off!

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Whatever happens, whether it is alone or with your family, make sure that each day of your trip you do something for you and of course, as always, be prepared. This will help make sure your trip runs smoothly and is hassle free!

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