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Call Me Chloe Doll Review

Alyssa with the call me chloe doll
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If you walk through our house between the hours of 6.30am and 7.30pm, chances are you will hear the constant chatter of a little voice who is engaging in battles between good and evil, attending weddings or the party of the century or, people falling in love or pirate ship adventures. I adore the imagination of my little one which seems to have absolutely no boundaries; it’s one of the things I love most about her. The characters (I often feel sorry for the trauma they are subjected to!!) of her fantasy games, are taken on by various collections of dolls and figurines. They may look like one thing but they can transform into something else completely and each has their own voice and reason for being there. Of course, all of the voices are hers and none talk back to her, except for Elsa who sings the same 30 seconds of music over and over when triggered…and she is triggered A LOT! However, we were asked to review the Call Me Chloe doll who, when called on her phone, actually TALKS BACK! Total game changer.

Alyssa calling the call me chloe doll on the phone

Call me Chloe is an 18″ interactive doll. Press the call button on your phone to give Chloe a call. Her phone will ring, and she will move her arm to put it to her ear and really talk to you! Her lips really move as she talks! There are 9 topics to choose from which are represented on your phone with picture icons and then she responds with over 30 phrases.

So for the unboxing, you will need scissors as she is cable tied in but it’s not horrific and we managed it really quickly. Be aware that she does only come with demo batteries in her, so you will need 3 X AA batteries for doll and 3 X AG13 batteries for phone which was a bit of a faff and surprised me given the price point of the doll. call me chloe doll on the phone close up

Call Me Chloe is designed to encourage and engage a child’s imagination and interaction as well has helping to develop and encourage communication, language and conversational skills. It has a suggested age suitability of 5+. She comes wearing a cute little outfit but there are others available in the range which are sold separately. The doll itself retails for £49.99. call me chloe child's phone

One of the big bonuses for Alyssa was the fact she comes with long hair which can be played with, brushed and styled. However, Alyssa’s mind was just completely blown by the fact that she could call the doll on a phone and that the doll responded to her. I think it will appeal to children on all levels because they get their own phone, the doll talks and obviously can also be interacted with like any other doll.

We’re hugely impressed overall with Call Me Chloe Doll in terms of the price, how it compares to alternatives. The quality is obviously very good and there aren’t many options that deliver such a great overall package for the money. It is a pricey doll but if your child loves dolls then this is totally worth it and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was on a lot of Christmas lists this year. Call Me Chloe… yes, yes we will!

The Call Me Chloe doll is available online from Smyths Toys and other retailers.

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