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20th December 2017
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Cry Babies Katie – No Not Me!

Last year for Christmas, Nonna gave Alyssa her very own wooden dolls pram and cot and we purchased the only baby doll we could find that was suitable for one year olds. Obviously it didn’t do anything but she was so excited as it came with a bottle she could feed the baby with and then she spent months, dressing and undressing it and pushing the baby (called Baby – very imaginative I know) around in the pram and climbing into the cot with her as well. She has now got to the point, where she likes her toys to be a bit more responsive and reactive. Not always, but she is a super intelligent little miss and responds well to things that respond to her. So, when we were asked to review the new Cry Babies Katie doll I was happy to agree as I had heard good things and Alyssa was definitely in need of an older child’s doll…

When I was a little girl I loved my baby doll – I had a Baby Born when they first came out that ate those sachets of food you added water too and also drank water and then weed and pooped in her own potty. Now as much as my child would love this, I do not currently have the patience to deal with her running around getting excited about Baby Poop. However, Cry Babies Katie is a nice middle ground doll I think between the all singing and dancing and the static non-responsive baby doll. 

So she is a beautiful, completely plastic doll – no hair or loose parts making her safe for toddlers. Even her hair, which being pink is very very cool, is plastic. Her cap and trousers can be removed and are simply done up via velcro, but the top cannot be removed as it is held in place by the mini-heart speaker on her chest. The dummy that she comes with is also attached via a ribbon to her top. I did have a good go at pulling it off (because if I didn’t I knew my daughter would) and it is on there very securely.

She also comes with her own little beaker/bottle which has a fairly long spout but this is in no way sharp at all and completely safe. So, the idea of Cry Babies Katie is she drinks real water from her beaker, you pop her dummy into her mouth to make her happy and she makes contented noises. Then when you take her dummy out she cries real tears and you can then stop her from crying by either giving her the beaker or dummy again. 

Firstly, let me say the sound effects are very realistic (and for parents wondering – there is an off switch). PLEASE MAKE SURE that when you get your doll you put NEW BATTERIES into her as the demo batteries are not strong enough to allow the doll to drink the water – as I discovered after having to ask the very patient brand rep! When filling her beaker, make sure you fill it up to the fill line and also make sure that you use mineral water as advised in the instructions as this can stop corrosion.

As I said, I had trouble at first, but after changing the batteries Cry Babies Katie worked perfectly and drank a whole cup of water and cried real tears which were easily stopped with her dummy – make sure you have this up the right way or it DOESN’T stop her crying. Something else to remember is that on the back of the doll, next to the on off switch is a little button that purges her and makes her squirt out all the water which is a good idea so it doesn’t become stale etc inside the doll.

Overall, I am really impressed with the doll. She is absolutely beautiful to look at and brilliant fun – I know that Alyssa is going to absolutely love her. The box does make it look like she can hold her own cup which she actually cannot as her arms don’t move that far in. However, once the straw is inserted you don’t actually need to hold it at all. A lovely present to give any baby loving toddler and a nice middle ground as I said.

If you’d like to buy a Cry Babies Katie you can buy one here!

*We were sent the doll in exchange for review – all opinions are our own and there are NO affiliate links.


  1. Meg says:

    Did your daughter’s Katie doll stop working? My daughter broke the bottle like 5 seconds after she got Katie because you have to push the bottle into her mouth with some force. Is there another way that you have found to fill her up with water?

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