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12th October 2020
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15th October 2020

Set Yourself Up for a Great Day

bag of granola and packs of contact lenses
*Ad-Paid. All Opinions are my own.
I used to be a real morning person. I was always a go to bed early kind of person (old lady syndrome I think!) and I’d wake up early and no matter what be bright, chipper and ready to face the day. Family used to avoid me in the mornings as they slowly got themselves used to the day – not me, my eyes opened, and I was ready to go!
Then I became a mother and that all quickly changed. Don’t get me wrong, once I am awake there is no getting back to sleep but I am not the chipper go, go, go kind of person I used to be and definitely appreciate a large cup of caffeine in the morning.

bowl of granola

Something else that age has brought with it is the fact that I now need to wear glasses as well, as it turns out I have a stigmatism in both eyes and making sure my eyes are supported is important. I am also terrible at eating breakfast and often have a coffee to tide me over until lunchtime which of course isn’t healthy either.

Luckily for me, Vision Direct have me covered for both eye comfort and breakfast as they have teamed up with Club Rozalie to bring us all comfortable eyewear AND a delicious healthy granola to kick start us into the day! Not only that…. They’re FREE!

Simply add your free everclear ADM trial to basket and type promo code MORNING at checkout, to get your Club Rozalie freebie too. Now you have both your vision and your breakfast sorted. Get your favourite bowl ready and enjoy a nourishing start to your morning.

Discover Carrot Cake Granola, a limited edition breakfast flavour that Club Rozalie created exclusively for Vision Direct, delicious enough to turn everyone into a morning person.

bag of granola and packs of contact lenses

Made of organic, high-fibre and plant-based ingredients, Carrot Cake Granola is a handmade treat both for your appetite and your eyes. Maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet is essential to keeping your eyes healthy – and this granola is packed with nutritious ingredients that can help you do just that.

I LOVE a good granola and have mine with natural fat free yogurt and enjoy the crunch and freshness – let me tell you, this granola is delicious! The contact lenses are comfortable and make the eyes feel bright and fresh which is exactly what you need for long days.

Grab your freebies quick, before the offer ends and make sure you get the right start to your day!


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